Free Graphing Software?

I have an idea for a couple of projects that I would really need to graph out, especially some lettering I want to knit.

Is there any free software out there one can download to graph out lettering and such?

If you have a gif file of lettering you like, you can use There are some others that just make the graph paper for you, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

I’ve recently found this

but I haven’t tried it so can’t say how well it works. The site that led me to it in the first place was this one:

Hope this helps!

ETA: Forgot to add there’s another site I found for lace charting. Not sure if that would suit your purposes, and again I haven’t used it myself yet, but the link is here:

Try this one Mason.

This is the one that I know of for free graph paper: