Free felted vest pattern?

Is there such thing out there?

I don’t know about free, but there is one in the book “Fabulous Felted Hand Knits”, by Jan Davis.

My guess would be that there aren’t many out there. Think of it this way: you want a clothing item like a vest to be fairly elastic so you can put it on easily. Felted stuff doesn’t stretch and rebound too well, so it would either have to be very large or hard to get into.

or made side to side?

In the case of the one in my book, it’s Cut after felting. to insure fit.

Thanks for the ideas. I am not sure what I will do now. I really want to do a vest like the Fibertrends pattern, but I hate paying 5 bucks for just one pattern, then with the book’s pattern I can’t see the photo, and I am not ready to do other feltings, so it might be a waste for me too. :wall: