Free ebooks

This has been posted on Ravelry, and I thought I’d link to it here so non-members can also check it out. Lots of other titles as well.


Darn it! I can’t download them because I’m in Australia! :waah:

Oh well, looks like I’ll have to wait until they make them available everywhere. :pout:

It seems no man patterns in the 3 I got. Some could possibly be changed and there’s definitely a lot of gift ideas.

There’s a lot of good history books too.

Not a lot of knitting choices, but hopefully more will be added. Plenty of books in general, though!

Thanks for the site!!

great info:happydance:

THis is so cool. I downloaded “its my party and I’ll knit if I want to” it was fast too! Thanks for a great link:muah:

I just downloaded one…thanks for the great tip!:thumbsup:

I do not like this site. My main email is with gmail and it wouldn’t count it as authentication. I am not giving my credit card number nor do I have a scanner to load up my driver’s license. It just feels shady for me. I’d love to get the books but not worth it to me to do that.

Try getting an email account with
It took a while but they sent an approval to my account there.

Thanks so much:cheering:
I think (!) that my hubby is going to buy me an MP3 player for my birthday…I will be the big 5-0! Yikes, I still can’t believe it…where does the time go???
Anyway, this looks like a good site (actually it is the first one I have looked at). If anyone has any other free sites, pls. let me know!
I’ve wanted this for a year. I walk on a treadmill and it has been very boring walking while losing the last 79.8 lbs a couple of weeks ago…(sorry I had to brag for a minute:blush: )
I need to keep this weight off, so hopefully I can listen to all of these knitting books while exercising!

Thanks again!

Jen, if you want audio books, check with your local library. Ours has audio books you can download onto MP3 players. I don’t have one (…yet!) so I’m not sure how exactly it works, but have been assured that it does indeed work.

Our library is hooked up with the Overdrive media outfit. They have 10s of 1000s of titles that you can download onto your computer. Some of them allow 1 copy onto cd for personal use, others only allow listening from the computer and the download is only good for 2 weeks with renewals allowed. They have newer books as well as older releases. this is the link to let you see if your library is a member.

I just went to this site, and this is the book I clicked on… sadly, I could not download it as I’m in Canada and this is for USA only. :frowning: