Free Circurlar Needle's Are all gone!

I have some Susan Bates Quicksilver Circurlar knitting needles all sizes #40 to be exact. I don’t use them anymore. I would send them to someone COD. If anyone is interested let me know.
All the Susan Bates circurlar knitting needles are on the way to new homes now. Thanks everyone for taking them off my hands.

Wow, free knitting needles. I’ll be glad to take them off your hands if noone else wants them.

I’m Alyce and I’m new to the forum. This is my first time…:aww:
I am a packrat when it comes to crafty things. I have just started back knitting and therefore a beginner. I have finished a few things…iPod holder, Amer. Girl Hat. I’m working on mittens and socks right now.
Anyway if you still have the needles please let me know and I will send my address and postage.

I would like to send all of them to whoever. I did have one person that just wanted the smaller ones. I have sizes 2-13. Send your address by p.m. message and we will see what we can do. Also the person that just wanted the smaller ones I don't have any #1's but I do have #2's :thumbsup:

Hi there fellow Indianian! Do you have any 13s? I was going to make some hats with heavy wool. Thanks, Rubie

I can’t figure out how to send a pm message. I assume that means “private message”? Can you help me out. I really would like to have those needles

Alyce, click on Indy’s name and choose PM.

I have PM’D you.

I have PM’D you.

hello indygirl… if you have any of these left, perhaps you can donate a few to the oddball knitting projects here on the KH forum?

i think they are mainly sizes US 6-10 21 inches or longer… thanks for reading!

Hi Indy girl. If you haven’t already committed those needles I’m a desperate nonhousewife , on this site “lynnknitwit”. I teach knitting to cancer patients, and have been paying for everything for 2 yrs. I’m desperate for needles.Primary need sz17 short or circular. However business has been booming and my new knitters have graduated and they need all sizes, straight and circular. Lynn Zuckerman, Project Knitwits,ACS Hope Lodge,12810 Magnolia Dr. Tampa, Fl.33612. Thanks in advance, Also “calling all knitters” all needles would be gratefully appreciated. Knitting Needles are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

I have promised all the Susan Bates. They are ready for shipping. I do have a lot of the old straight needles I would be willing to part with. Please P.M. me. We will work something out.