Free circs free circs free circs

FYI, The latest issue (for us Yanks) May 15th of Simply Knitting at Barnes & Noble has a free set of 5mm 80cm long “Easy Glide steel” circs in it…

Several times the mag advertised it’s freebie only for me to realize that somehow perhaps they don’t include them in the US copies. But, I have gotten a couple freebies (a wheel of pins, booklets, etc) so I’m not sure who’s unwrapping the mags before they shelve them.

Thought ya’d like to know!

Cool! :sunglasses:

But, we’re all gonna have to keep our eyes peeled for the circ thieves now! :evil:

:smiley: thanks! I’m going to have to make a trip to Barnes & Noble…I love that store :thumbsup:

Well, I know what I am going to go do while the kids are in VBS tomorrow!


i was going to post this the other day but decided not to because i reeeeeeally didn’t much like the needles. The metal itself seems fine but the cord is VERY stiff. it reminds me of a very tightly wound Boye interchangable needle. the magazine here is $8.99 so i felt it was worth the price but they aren’t needles i would consider going out and buying on my own.

i had to giggle at a cute little drawstring purse pattern they had in there suggesting that you use your new needles and cast on 72 stitches and knit in the round.

the needles are 30+ inches long… i am pretty sure i couldn’t get 72 stitches around that! :shock: i suppose i could do magic loop though (seriously the cable is really stiff!)

I was curious as to how tightly wound that cord is in the package. If only everyone could make their circs with nice plyable cords what a happy world it would be!
Thanks for the review!
That is funny about the purse. Hope they don’t turn off a whole planet of potential knitters with that misstep! :rollseyes:

I was at Chapters tonight and thought about getting it. The circs weren’t very nice though, the cord was really thick and they wound it in a circle about the size of a quarter and poked one needle through the middle to keep it from unwinding, although I did really consider it, I hate not seeing the inside if the magazine first, I kept remembering my pre addi and denise days and those horrid circs in the red vinyl packages (cringes at the thought)ewww.

That reminds me of the budget circs that Joann’s has in their grab bins. Have you seen the wooden ones? I shudder looking at the splintery wood and the tubular cords barely glued on. Honestly though, it’s scary to think of how many newbie knitters have their first taste of knitting by using junky tools just because everyone and their dog is trying to get in on producing knitting tools since the “craze” has grown so much in recent years.
I’m one who likes to peruse a mag before i buy, but i’ve really enjoyed reading this one from time to time. If there are patterns I don’t care for (on prewrapped mags) I take the ones i like and recycle the rest to friends if they want. :thumbsup:

That issue came out here last month. You know… I had a giggle at that purse pattern too. I looked at the needles, thought “OOOH free circs” then felt them and thought “gross glad I have denise” - I can’t imagine trying to knit that purse on those - they are too long! lol

And $8.99 there for that!? Woah! Mind you I’ve been trying to get Vogue Knitting here - it seems next to impossible, I wanted to see the skirt everyone is talking about from the summer issue. I’ve not seen one copy of Vogue knitting here at all :rollseyes:

Yeah. The cord on them is impossible. Anyone got an idea of how to soften it? I threw them into the bottom of the bag and didn’t try. I miss some of the issues, but have lots of cool freebies from them. I love my stitch markers. :heart: samm

I don’t know what these are like - but I know that one place suggested to put the plastic cable on the crystal palace needles into real hot water to help uncurl it. Would that do any good for these?