Free Ball of Yarn (for real!)

I am new to the forum, so I apologize if this is a repeated post.

One of my knitting groups advised me that Bernat is giving away a full ball of Disco. The link is They don’t even ask for your e-mail address or phone number, just a few survey questions, so I don’t foresee much soliciting/strings attached. It expires 01/01/2006. I haven’t used Disco yet, but I certainly can’t pass up free yarn! :wink:


it actually isn’t a new thing around here but we are always glad to be reminded :wink: a lot of us have been waiting fairly impatiently for the yarn to come! mine finally arrived today, i got the Mr. Brown color. kinda fun stuff. may have to do kelly’s Grrrrr scarf with it.

Yep I too am waiting for my free ball of yarn. i think I have been waiting for a montha nd ahlf now. :thinking: I keep checking the mail saying any day now… any day now.

Oh yeah, I wonder where my yarn is? :??

Ditto. I filled this thing out like 3 months ago or so.

I sorta figured this had been around already, but it was news to me. Sorry about the repeat post! At least now I know I can expect to wait a LOOOOOONG time to receive my free ball! :wink:

It’s alright :wink: Feel free to post anything new to you! I’m sure someone else will see it and it will be new to them :smiley:

At least the free panties are on the way…I got an email from Hanes. Still haven’t seen my Disco either.

thanks, it was new to me!

Oh I got those also and they are wonderful!!! :thumbsup: They actually tempted me to go and buy some. When I first opened the package my dd told me that they we were too small. She said they look like little girl’s undies. :lol:

:doh: shakes head Sometimes I wonder why I wander into these threads…

*thinks to self * must stay away…

lol…well it looked safe enough didn’t it?

imagine all the college daughters that are having pantelets that are going to magically appear on their doorstep. wonder if they won’t be saying “what the…” :thinking:

College + more underwear = NEVER DOING LAUNDRY!

I can make it an entire month! (On socks and underwear that is; everthing else gets pretty dirty :oo: )

Man, I totally forgot to sign up for the free panties!!! Is it too late I wonder??

I have a small butt too, so bring on the small undies. :roflhard:

Never got my Disco either.

College + more underwear = NEVER DOING LAUNDRY!

I can make it an entire month! (On socks and underwear that is; everthing else gets pretty dirty :oo: )[/quote]

yes but RANDOM underwear? :shock:

:rofling: Like mom always said make sure each and every day you put on fresh undies you never know when you will be in an accident and you don’t want to be embrassed now do you? :rollseyes:

I can’tt believe it arrived, I had practically forgetton about it. I got the Mr.Brown colour.
Anyone got a pattern that uses one ball of it.
It’ not exactly my style, and I know I won’t buy more if it :slight_smile:


You could always try Grrrrr! by our own KellyK :slight_smile:

I had fogotten about that one :slight_smile: Going to get it now… :slight_smile: Thanks

Well I didn’t know. So now my waiting game starts. Pretty cool though. You can’t pass up a free ball of yarn, you know?