FREE Ball of Disco from Bernat

If anybody wants a free ball of yarn, check out this site:


heh, so I’m a bit slow :stuck_out_tongue:

[color=blue] :smiley: I am glad you posted it again! I missed the first posting! Thank you! :cheering:

I missed it the first time, too! Thanks!


Did anyone who took advantage of this offer get the yarn yet? I keep checking the mail every day, but I bet it will be 4-6 weeks or something.

never got mine. i don’t even remember how long ago i did it!

Haven’t gotten mine either, but I expected it was going to take a while, too!

In the terms and conditions it says it’ll take 6-8 weeks. Which pretty much sucks. Although it’ll be a nice little surprise once you’ve forgotten about it. Like finding $$$ in your coat pocket from last winter!

I purposely leave money in my coat pockets for just that reason. :lol:

Hey tab, can I borrow your coat? hehe.

Hey, that’s a good idea! Ooh, especially if you anticipate DH putting you on a yarn-buying hiatus because the checkbook has gotten waaaay too out of hand. [size=2]Oh, then again maybe that’s just me.[/size] :oops:

Hildie had a good idea regarding winter coats. You can hide yarn in the sleeves! :rofling:

Oooh, that’d be like an early Christmas!

Some of the options for their answers are soo funny!

As if you can choose ONE project you are currently working on… :wink:

And how many hours a week to do you crochet…the last option is every waking hour! LOL

Boo. All I have is a PO box.

Have it sent to a friend/relative who has absolutely no interest in knitting so they won’t appropriate it from you. :wink:

I cant wait to see what color they send…

I haven’t got mine either but I have been thinking the same Kelly what color will I get of Disco :thinking:

Maybe I’ll just put in my address without the box number. A friend of mine sent me a postcard last year with the completely wrong address and I still got it. It just might take a little longer.