Fred MacMurry sweater?

Many of you are too young to get this reference, but I’m looking for a FREE pattern for a gentleman’s cardigan of the type worn by Fred MacMurray as the father in “My Three Sons”, i.e., v-neck with pockets, a classic design for a dear old dad to wear while sitting in his armchair or walking around and tucking the pipe into one of the front patch pockets…get the idea?

I saw a similar patter in a book in my library last week-end. I can’t remember the name of the book, but it was printed in the mid-seventies (all the knitting books were of that decade) and was full of sweaters and cardigans. You might check that source. HTH

What about these?

Unisex classic cardigan.

Cabled cardigan

Multi colored fair isle but would be easy to change to plain all one color

I used this one as the basis for a design I did last year for my 82-yr-old dad.


Oh my gosh, now I’ve got that song in my head! Do do do dooooooooooooooooooo, do do do dooooooooooooooooooo…

I loved that show as a kid. Maybe that’s why I always wanted 3 sons. However, I wouldn’t trade my three daughters.

Sorry! When one of those old TV themes gets stuck in the brain it can be SO ANNOYING!

Yes, that’s just the thing, cam. THANKS.

Oh that’s awesome! I’d love to make this for my dad. :slight_smile: Hey Cam, do you have a picture of the one you made for your dad?


I have a couple prints that folks sent of them wearing the sweaters I sent. I’ll try to take pic of the prints and see how they turn out for possible posting. (BTW, I moved the ‘V’ up, added cables and did short rows on back given dad tends to stoop.)


Wow…I don’t know where I would even begin to try to modify a pattern like that! I just want to make something for my dad and a sweater is just the thing. I’ve never made one before. :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic (not the best but, as I noted, it’s pic of a print). sweater.jpg

BTW, dad’s a professional photographer but put him in front of the camera and he has no clue what’s going on. LOL He and mom had neighbor snap pics of their new sweaters and had no clue how they looked. Dad’s quite slender so not sure why the front edge is riding up like it is except that he looks to be standing a bit differently than he normally would. :frowning:

BTW, sweater is in Caron’s Simply Soft.


It’s lovely! Great job!!

I remember that show very well. I’m showing my age. Good luck finding a sweater.

Robyn, Your title caught my attention. I’m of the age to remember that show… What a nice idea to make a sweater for your dad. I hope it’ll be a comfort to him and hope he’s doing alright. :pray: If I come up with a pattern, I’ll let ya know. Take care.

Do you think that Caron Pounder yarn (acrylic) will work for this sweater? The one that Cam posted? Or would you recommend a wool/acrylic blend?

I’ve used the Caron Pounder for a sweater and vest (diff patterns) and it’s a heavy worsted so unless you’re planning to adjust for gauge, I’d not recommend it (if you’re striving for the look of the orig pattern). The Simply Soft, in terms of weight, was just right. You could certainly use something like LB’s Wool-Ease as that’s a similar weight/gauge to the SS. All depends on the look you want. (Also, I find the heaviness of the Caron to make the garment a bit stiff and, obviously, bulkier. Opting for a wool blend would give the sweater and lighter drape.)