Freak wave in Spain

Freak wave in Spain

Why traffic jams happen…

Hey, guys, this woman has you all beat.
I wonder how many magazines she read?

THat’s amazing that someone caught it on tape!!

And the woman who sat on the toilet, uh…wha…?

He let her sit there for TWO YEARS???

Yeah, that’s insane! I barely stand to sit there to do what needs to be done! And they weren’t sure if she had mental problems… huh.:zombie:

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.



I think both the woman and her dimwitted boyfriend need to spend a few nights in the looney bin.

What kind of a relationship was THAT???

:stuck_out_tongue: :roflhard:

The woman on the toilt totally astounded me. The toilet is not the most comfortable place to sit one’s bottom! And to sit there for two years and have your body mold around the toilet seat is just baffling!! Dh said that if I was in the bathroom refusing to come out (and wasn’t ticked off at him) he would be concerned after two hours not two years! He’d have my mom over there at two hours and the men in white coats at three!