Fraying help

I knitted my boyfriend a long, wide garter stitch scarf using Mirasol baby llama yarn. He’s been wearing it a lot over the last 2 weeks, and now there is some fraying going on where it folds over and rubs on his coat. What can I do to repair this and prevent it from happening in the future? Is it about blocking? Or is this just shedding that is to be expected with natural fibers? It looks terrible and I’m worried that it’s going to ‘felt’ itself! :help:

Thanks in advance,

i thought that llama didn’t felt, but i could be wrong on that… have you tried using a high quality sweater shaver or sweater stone on the frayed areas (in an inconspicuous area at first if you haven’t yet.) that’s all i can think of really… sorry! :frowning:

:shrug: I actually don’t know if llama felts. I’m new to using natural yarns. I’ll look into the sweater shaver. Thanks.


Yep, llama felts. It’s almost the same as alpaca when it comes to the felting thing.
You can just pop that thing in the dryer by itself on fluff and see how much you can get it to finish shedding. No heat though. Just fluff.

i was at the knitting store today and realized i had llama confused with buffalo, which they say doesn’t felt. fibrenut is quite right! they’re both camelids, don’t know what I was thinking!