FP, One Skien Wonders 'Silk Sleeves'

These are my ‘Silk Sleeves’ from the book ‘One Skien wonders’ which Kaydee sent me. I used some lovely ‘KnitPicks’ yarn (also sent by Kaydee!).

I knitted the sleeves slightly longer as I have long arms, and on seaming up, I left a hole for my thumb.

There are nice and snug and I love the fact I have some arm warmers that actually go all the way up my arm!

Hope you like them, a big thanks to Kaydee for the yarn and book. :muah:

Wow! They look so soft! Good job!

Those are so pretty!

I just wanted to saythat I really really like these! You did a nice job on them!:woohoo::yay:

those are great ellie!

nice! love that they’re fitted.
& that color is lovely on you.

Those look great! :thumbsup:

Those look fantastic! I was just looking through my One Skein book last night (making a list of things I want to knit, instead of actually knitting the project that was sitting right next to me!) and those didn’t make it to my list. But, now that I’ve seen yours, I think I might have to add them! Which KP yarn was it?

really fanastic job! they really make me think of the nice stockings that were beautifully woven. Dominitrix has a similar version of your silk sleeves done with a gorgeous ribbon strung to tie it together

Nobones, these look wonderful! Goes great with your style, IMHO :thumbsup:!

very pretty!! :happydance: