I finished…I finished…:yay: :yay: :yay:

Gosh but it was a difficult at the end…all that sewing…and cutting!!

I changed the pattern and made some adjustments!! All in all I like it and I’m gonna use it this week…:mrgreen:

Oh, that is delightful! You absolutely did a great job on it. It’s awesome! It’s better IMHO than the picture that KP had. :thumbsup: Enjoy using it and expect compliments.

I have the kit, but I’m just now getting into color work so I’ve not started it yet. Does it have instructions on making the lining or did you have to figure it out for yourself? I’ve been too intimidated by it to even look!

It does have instructions for the lining. I didn’t find them useful and hubby had to engineer a solution for me. We did it in cardboard first and then used that as a pattern for the lining. Get the thickest webbing material and it comes in black.(at JO-anne’s fabrics) Which I just found out today! So maybe I do another lining…:rofl: My Hubby did a lot of the sewing and fabrication. It took 3 days!! UGH!!:mrgreen:

Email me if you get stuck…knitting part was easy…compared to the lining…sheesh…Where’s my mom when I need her!!

offgridgirl at gmail dot com

That turned out gorgeous, and the lining looks so good with some added pockets (maybe?). And even more impressive than that: your husband designed the lining—and he sews? How lucky can a girl get?

Thanks, I am very proud for the way it came out. I changed the pattern on the strap. It got complicated when I had to knit it upside down so that it was facing the right way on the sides of the satchel.

Well…I did the designing and then hubby had to figure out how to get all to fit. I did a cell phone pocket in the back. I did the pen and keys pocket on the inside. I did select the material. I just needed help with the lining box. Hubby did use the sowing machine for some parts and I hand sowed the rest. Yes, lucky to have hubby…we have know each other since 3rd grade.:teehee:

My mom found the black lining today and called. We don’t have it here in Canada so she will send me what I need.

That came out great! So cute!

Took me a minute to figure out what FP was as I’ve never seen that abbreviation before. :teehee: I’ve only see FO.

you go girl nice:cheering: :cheering:

I love it! What a fun bag and lt looks like lots of fun to make. The finishing, maybe not so much fun but it looks very professional. Well done by both you and your husband.

It is adorable. What a super bag! Everyone will want one when they see it.

Oh wow! Your bag came out amazing! :thumbsup:

It’s a kit from Knitpiks…on sale the last time I looked.
Yes, I’ve already got some asking for one.

I never repeat a knit project unless, some one else buys all the wool.:mrgreen:

I just checked to see what other kits they’ve marked down and this one is still there and yours does indeed look better than their picture! This Altiplano Satchel Kit looks tempting to me now.

super cute!

That is really darling.

Thanks…yes that is a cute bag…I already bought this one!!

WHAT have I done!!:roflhard:

Awesome! Totally!

Brilliant, love it. Love the little paw prints and the lining really finishes it off. :yay:

I’m not[I] even[/I] ready to attempt this yet. Do you think the paw print pattern might be good to work on for practice? I could do that in any yarn.

Sure the paw print is easy…You won’t have a problem with it. Its the combinations with switch yarns and dog and cat pattern that takes the time. I would just go for it…I only had to pull two lines out when I was doing heavy pain medication…:teehee: Other wise it’s common sense and just flows…:mrgreen:

A great little bag. It is wonderful that your husband helps you with things. Mine is like that too. He is very handy at figuring things out and making them work. He sews like your DH.