Foxyie's adventures in Spinny Land! (my first yarns)

After watching a knitty gritty show about spinning i realized how much i would really would love to try it…so i ordered some roving from etsy.

i found a very nicely priced sampler of a pygora and merino blend.

and here are the results!

the very first… trying it out

then i got the hang of it!

number 1 all done

number 2 all done!

i couldn’t wait to go and buy a rubber grommet and a hook so i had my brother drill a hole in the middle of that little case and pushed the dowel i had in the middle and the enclosed cds gave it enough weight. i used a bent nail as the hook :teehee: worked just fine

and here is yarn 3, all tightly wound.

all 3!

it was fun. i could’ve done that all night!

i have a question too… is there any way to “set” this twist so it doesn’t come apart too much…or will leaving it sit like this for a while keep it together?

thanks for looking!! :slight_smile:

ohhhh! pretty! i want some now! good job!

Very inspiring!!!

When you get the hang of it a little more, you’ll start learning just how much twist needs to be put in the yarn to keep it together. If you under twist, the yarn can be weak in places and break, and if you over twist, the yarn can spring back on itself and make it hard to get the yarn to a knittable condition. Usually after I spin a skein of wool yarn, I do “set” the twist. To do this you should wind the skein into a hank and tie it in a few places so it doesn’t get tangled. Then soak it in some hot water with a little dishsoap. After this, I rinse it with cool water and whack it on my counter a few times. This can help evenly distribute any uneven twist areas.

there should be more info on this website:

thanks muchly evona and knittingymnast !

and thanks for the link kashadilla i was actually just there about 10 minutes ago after i searched around a bit to find out.

i put alot of twist into them cause i figured if i kept them tightly wound for a day or so when i put them into mini hanks to dye them they would sort of even themselves out.

now onto my 4th try at this… i feel like an old pro already :teehee:

i also bought this on etsy at the same time i got the other stuff and it arrived today, thankfully, since i’m hooked on this now… ( i ordered 2 pounds more last night! )

4 ounces , it took a little more than 2 hours to prepare the roving and spin it. it’s an unknown type of wool blend.

half done

the other half of roving predrafted


comparison to last nights.

in another hour or so i’m going to test dye a little extra i kept and see how it all turns out

thanks for looking!


looks like you’re picking it up really quick!

It is wonderful to see the progression!

Keep going! you’re doing Great!

ty much lady v and mullerslane!

here are a few new pictures. i set all of the yarn and dyed the smaller ones to see how they would turn out.

the wool that was softer kinda flattened out and had some slubs in the yarn, but after it dried i respun them all together to get it a bit tighter and get rid of the slubs…the colors were great though!

and i knit it up

i was really surpried at how even most of it was for the first time out!

i took that apart today cause i’m going to make a bracelet so i can wear it…it held up well

this is the bigger one… after i set it i wound it around a board and saw that it was really tight and curling back on itself so i went through every inch and let it untwist naturally until i got the the end and this is what it looks like

now i’m anxiously awaiting for my pound to arrive in the mail! :slight_smile:

any tips on dyeing it spun without loosing the twist?

today i got my huge box of roving :happydance: and spent about 5 hours (with a few breaks) pre-drafting and spinning!

here are my finished products!

those are 2 oz each of BFL …soooo soft. the white was actually even more soft than the brown

and this is about 2oz of a grey colored corriedale blend.

i’ll prob end up spinning the rest this weekend and try dyeing again and then i’m going to a fiber fest on sunday where i’m sure i’ll buy some more nice fibers… can’t wait!

What did you think of the corriedale??

It has to be my most favorite fiber. Soft enough to wear next to the skin and durable enough for socks!

Are you going to try your hand at plying?? That will take out a lot of extra twist.

it’s a corriedale blend…not sure what other kind of wool it was blended with so i know it’s not nearly as soft as it should be…but it’s not bad… great to practice with.

i’m going to try to get some pure corriedale this weekend though and maybe some other kinds i haven’t worked with yet

and i’m sure i’ll try plying sometime … i want to perfect my singles first :slight_smile:

i went to a knit and crochet festival over the weekend and not too much fiber was there

i did get to buy 2 oz of BFL that still has a good amount of lanolin in it and i spun that last night

this is 4 oz of falkland i got from etsy over the weekend
def one of my favorites to spin

and some wool i’m trying to find the name of i also bought at the fest

everytime i looked at this yesterday while it was drying it was so hard to believe i’d done that… it looks so great to me!

i also have this in silver and i’m going to spin that today

i have pics of the others i dyed last week in the dyeing thread

i love the falkland and BFL you spun! Lovely :slight_smile: