Four Seasons Shawl - Nevernotknitting- stuck on G

Hi there,
I am new here, so hello to everyone, am so glad to find this forum…hopefully it saves me from the frustration of being totally stuck!!!

Am thoroughly enjoying knitting this but am stuck on G. There is a dash in the pattern and I don’t know what it means.
It says CF4-yo and CF-ssk. There is commas everywhere else so I know it is something specific. Does it mean I do the YO in the middle of the CF4 so when 2 are forward?
Please help!!!

Welcome to KH!
Check at the beginning of the pattern and at the end for a key to the knitting abbreviations. Does the chart show you what’s happening with the cables and placement of the yo? Can you look at the completed projects on Ravelry and see where the yo is placed?

I don’t have this pattern but a quick scan on Ravelry doesn’t show a problem with the terms.

Brilliant help - thank you Salmonmac.
I don’t read charts, I read the written version of the pattern so hadn’t thought to look at the chart- on the chart it explains the code so clearly that this is explained. I have got my answer.

Next step is to learn to knit from a chart!!!