Four pair of baby mitts

I just finished making four pair of baby mitts. My DD said she could use some more to keep her new baby girl’s hands warm, even in the house (quite a breeze to make cold hands when she sits in her swing :wink: ).

I found a little pattern, but didn’t follow anything about it. :slight_smile: I changed the number of stitches, added a eyelet row for a twisted cord to hold them on, and finished off like the toe of a sock. I had pink, green, and white left over from a sweater project.

This is Nature Spun wool by Brown Sheep Company. It is sport weight. I wanted to use it all up. I wanted to make solid colors, but on the pink I was afraid I would run out, so added the white and green stripes. Still had more, so did a set with pink cuffs, so would have been able to make solid pink. Oh, well.

The last ones I made were the ones with pink cuffs. I made these at the same time so I could make them the same as I ran out of the different colors. :lol: I decided to make them pointy.

I’m wondering how DD will like them since they are 100% wool. I know she likes wool, but am wondering about the washing. I think she might be able to wash them in the washer on delicate and lay them out to dry. What do you think? :??

Awww, very cute! I think she could wash them in cold water, on delicate and lay them out to dry. My mom made me a scarf and hat, out of acrylic and that’s how I wash them, too. She used a little bit of novelty yarn and I don’t want that getting wrecked.

Oh how cute!! I wish I had a baby to knit for.

The baby mitts are just adorable. I’m sure they will keep baby’s hands nice and toasty warm. Great job on all.

Oh, they are just adorable!

At Wal-mart today there was a mom with 5 1/2 month old identical twin girls. They were so good, and just smiled and smiled at all the attention. :heart:

Adorable :slight_smile:

These are adorable! Lovely colours!:heart:

So cute. My favorites are the striped ones!

What precious mittens. The stripped ones have a collegiate, sporty look about them. I’m sure they will get plenty of use.

So sweet!

These mittens are precious! You did a beautiful job on them.:muah:

They are beautiful, I am sure she will LOVE them ( I would :mrgreen: )