Four FOs and one WIP

I haven’t posted in this section in so long. I’ve just been too lazy to actually take pics and what not. So, here’s some stuff I’ve been working on.

I ordered the Fibertrends Huggable Hedgehog pattern and kit, and I was so excited to make it, I finished it the day I got it. He is sooo cute. I’m so happy with how he came out.

I also fell in love with Hannah from Magknits. Part of my Hannukah presents was the yarn to make it. Because I didn’t need too much for the hat, I splurged and got two skeins of Misti Alpaca worsted. This yarn is so gorgeous. So soft, and I love the pink and brown colorway. The yarn’s more vivid than how it’s showing up in the pictures.

Because I knew I had to double strand the yarn, I wasn’t sure if I should buy one skein or two, so I just got two. I have at least a skein left over, so I’ve started the Branching Out scarf from Knitty.

And, I’ve finally finished my mom’s Danica scarf from Knitty. I used barely four skeins of Patons SWS. It’s now blocking. And because I had yarn leftover, I made my mom a little bunny from this pattern.

You have really been busy - everything looks great. I just love those hedgehogs - too cute!!!

I just love, love, love everything! Where does the hedgehog pattern come from?

Mmmmm, a wombat knitting a hedgehog~


Debkcs, I bought the pattern and a kit from here. It arrived pretty quickly, about a week and maybe a day or two. Not bad considering, they shipped from Spokane, Washington, and I’m outside of Philly.

Oh my gosh, everything is so gorgeous!! And that hedgehog!! :muah:

Thanks for sharing!!

You have been a busy little bee lol
Beautiful work. The hedgehog is so cute and the sacrf and bunny look amazing :slight_smile:

oohh, the hedgehog is so adorable! The hat and the scarves are great, i really loved the yarn choice. Thanks for sharing :cheering:

They’re all wonderful!! Love the scarves and hat - and that hedgehog is just the cutest!!

Wow you have been busy. Everything looks great.

Everything looks great, but I especially love the hedgehog!

Very nice job on all of it!

:happydance: Everything looks great!!

Everything looks great! That hedgehog is adorable!

What a wonderful Post! Such a delight to the eyes! I love the entrelac scarf especially, seeing how my 2008 Goal is to learn how to do entrelac without getting all mixed up about the 3rd or 4th tier!

Thanks for sharing photos of all your wonderful knitted artworks! :thumbsup: