Four days, three FOs

I got bored, so I decided to stash-bust with the leftover yarn from my baby blanket and make some accessories for my friend who’s due to pop in about a month and a half. I did the socks following the North Country Cotton Baby/Toddler socks pattern, and I self-designed the hat with a little guidance from Lion Brand on the decreases. The hat reminds me of Dr. Suess, just a bit.

[color=blue]Great job! Love the colors! :heart:

southern maine[/color]

Oh how adorable! Love those bright colors!

So cute!

:smiley: OMy…they are just darling! Jobs well done :cheering: :cheering:

:heart: I love them!! the colors are so great together-very very cute :thumbsup:

so many people love the colors! The mother-to-be picked out those colors; she’s doing the baby’s room in them and she HATES pink. She asked for lime green and lavender, and I obliged. I think they look great, as well, and I’m proud to have made them. :smiley:

Those are just precious! Love love love 'em!

Yeah, I can see it too. :inlove:

Very cute!! :thumbsup: And you’re so speedy, too!!

gorgeous stuff!!!

i love those colors together =)

those colors ARE fabulous!!!

So cute and kind of Easter-y too!

The colors are so fresh and springy!

Those are absolutely ADORABLE! The colors are perfect. :inlove:

They are adorable!!! Great job!!

Great job! :thumbsup: I love the colors, too!

Wonderful job - love the colors!

Very nice! I love the colors also. Isn’t fun to do some quickie projects. Great job :thumbsup:

Those are SO cute! What yarn did you use? :smiley:

I used Lion Brand Microspun. It’s machine washable and sooooooooooo soft.