Foundation row front of row.

Having a hard time understanding what this means in this pattern. If I am to repeat all 24 rows then why are they calling them foundation rows and why are there two number 1 rows?

What is the name of your pattern?
The foundation row is the first row 1 that is given and it is only worked once. The following rows 1-24 are the repeat in the case of Intertwined Diamonds. It’ll be a similar pattern for the Diamond/Plait, a foundation row 1 followed by a pattern in the second row 1 to whatever the last pattern row is.
When you finish the first repeat of the 24 rows for the Intertwined Diamonds for example go back to the second row 1 to start the 24 row repeat.
It’s confusing and strange to have two row 1s where the first should be either unlabeled or perhaps called row A.

Thank you SO MUCH! It is the Daly clan knitting pattern I am doing for my daughters.


One more question. I’m not sure what they mean by (plait in centre) in the Diamond/plait instructions. Here is a pic of the instructions for reference.

It looks like the pattern is just describing what will happen on this row, the center plait or braid. It’s not some extra steps or instructions that you have to follow. I’ve circled it on the photo.

Follow the directions and you will see the alternating cable or plait.

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