Found yarn at our local $tree

There I was walking thru the Dollar Tree and there it was–Lion Brand Yarn Fun Fur Stripes! I thought I was dreaming, so I just stood there for a minute and closed my eyes. I opened them and it was still there! I bought 2 balls of each kind they had. When I checked out, the clerk asked me “Is this what you make scarves out of?”. I proudly said yes–Knitting is a great stress reliever.

Who would have every thought, my LYS ---- the $Tree.

I also saw it at the front register of Big Lots one day in a basket selling them for $2 skein~!

I think the nearest BL near me would be in Tuscaloosa (90 minutes away). I have learned that when I see yarn I like, go ahead and buy it. So what if I have enough to start my own LYS!

There’s a term for this situation:
It’s called a yarn “stash”

Youre just starting… it’s only gonna get worse~! :rofl:

I was in our local Big Lots a couple of weeks ago and found three skeins of Bernat Boa (my mom loves scarves out of it) on a clearance aisle. The thing is, the brand was something different that I’ve never heard of, but the picture of the lady wearing a knitted item on the front was identicle to the picture on the Bernat skeins. Clearly it was the same yarn. As I said there, were three skeins. One was marked fifty cents, and the other two were each marked a dollar. I grabbed them all. :happydance:

I have also found novelty fur yarn at our Dollar Tree, though it wasn’t Lion Brand.

I recently saw some Lion Brand in Tuesday Morning. Pretty cheap, but it was so hideous I didn’t buy it. I’ll have to check my local $ store though, that is a great find!

I saw some yarn in Tuesday Morning, too. I can’t remember what brand it was, but I do remember it was totally unappealing to me, and at that time (brand new knitter), my yarn tastes were not all that discriminating.

fo people in England, have a little nosey in Wilkonsons, they are selling eyelash yarn in a variety of colours for £2 for three balls. Its not super quality, but its not bad especially for things like fluff scarves and trims.

I don’t think we have a Tuesday Morning store around here. I’ve seen/heard the Lauren Bacall ad’s for it.

I bought some Lion Boucle at the Dollar Tree a couple of months ago. They had an entire bin of the stuff.

Do you have any ‘Home Bargains’ near you? In mine they sell some for 49p a ball…well they did, and some other cheap stuff. Good for playing and practicing.