Found the answer to two colours

I have found the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to do two-colour knitting :woot:

I find that even leaving a strand to run across even two stitches makes a loop that can get caught on things, and its really hard to get the tension right.
Trying to weave the colours together either takes ages, or gets you in a tangle.

This JUST WORKS. I can’t describe how easy it is either. I tried it for the first time last night, and now I feel like a pro, its so intuitive.

It opens up the possibilities for so much intarsia and fair-isle knitting I cant wait to get started…

I love that video! It is the best, isn’t it??


Yep, that’s the one I learned on and always recommend. :thumbsup:

Can we get a link to it on this website? I came across it mentioned on someone’s blog, then googled it, then took several websites to find it.
I’d love other people to be able to find it straight away.

There’s a link a few posts up. We don’t have a page of just links. Generally we do recommend it if we know someone is looking for a fair isle tutorial and using the one on this site isn’t enough. :wink:

Yes, this is great if you want to do away with the floats, but I don’t mind floats most of the time. I just want people to know this is an option but not the only way to do Fair Isle. In fact I think (could be wrong) that floats are more traditional with FI knitting. But thanks for sharing this.

I bookmarked that site So I can review it again when I start a Fair Isle project.