Found!Please help me de-stash

Hi everyone…I have tons of “crochet” stuff…pat books,crochet cotton etc etc…I will probably never use this stuff and need the “room”…Lots of (older mags too) Anyone up for some stuff? Will trade (for knitting stuff) or sell:muah:

How about crochet thread? What kind of pattern books?

Tons of “unused” cotton, mostly vintage pattern books, dollies, animals angels etc…The mags are Magic Crochet…I inherited these things, awhile back…The threads are in my “smoke free home”, however the pattern books/mags were stored on a back porch…in good condition…

If you have anything left after swapping and selling here, you could list it on Craig’s List. It’s free and gets good results.
Anything you can’t sell or trade could go to a local thrift store. I’ve found some good craft stuff at places like that.
We’re rural, so I just took a whole box of craft mags to our little post office and left them for others facing this long winter. (That probably wouldn’t fly at a big city p.o.)

Thanks for the advice…I do take things to our local thrift store constantly… as well as charities,the things I mentioned here are “inherited” and I am looking for good homes:thumbsup: know what I mean???:hug: BTW I can always keep them too!!!

the things I mentioned here are “inherited” and I am looking for good homes:thumbsup: know what I mean???:hug:

I know exactly what you mean. It’s one thing to sell something or give it away, but there’s no better feeling than passing it on to someone who’ll really appreciate it. :grphug:

If you still want to get rid of thread and Magic crochet magazines, please let me know the colors of the threads and size and what magazines you have? I am still interested.

Gosh, this is gonna take awhile…do you want “specific” months of the mags? Colors, I’ll have to look…

I need to know if you can the color and size of the thread. Magazines, the years would do. Thanks!

I’ll get on it for you…THERE HAS BEEN NO SCHOOL FOR AWHILE NOW:biting: and I am ready for some adult stuff…:hug:

I am especially looking for issues #77 but I like all their magazines.

I am interested in purchasing some of your items. I will wait till you have a list up.