Found!: pattern name from the last Knit Picks catalog

This might seem like a strange request but I fell in love with a sweater in the last Knit Picks catalog. It was a pattern that they offer for download. I had it in a pile next to the computer and mistakenly recycled the catalog before I could order it. Does anyone still have the catalog?
The sweater if I remember right was a cardigan. It was knit in a light purple dk weight yarn. I think it was toward the middle on a left hand page.
I’ve tried looking on Knit but didn’t have any luck without the pattern name.
If anyone could help I would be so grateful! Thanks!!

Oh rats. I just recycled mine, too! Was it a free pattern or just one you buy and d/l?

You can check the pattern section on the website and maybe it’ll come up near the beginning of the search. They show pictures so you’ll probably recognize it. If I can find my catalog, I’ll take a look

I typed in ‘downloadable patterns’ and came up with a few. The top one is the only light purple one, but since you weren’t sure exactly I added the other purples.'s%20cardigan%20pattern_PD50572222.html?

KnitPicks has a fourm you can ask on.

I looked in my fall catalog and the first downloadable pattern is the Shawl Collar Peplum Cardigan, item # 50647 but I don’t find it listed in the patterns section online. It’s a designer exclusive pattern designed by Aimee Marsh and it’s knit in KP Cotlin color Lantana. It’s pictured on page 13 of the fall catalog. The other sweaters Jan has supplied a link to.
If that’s the one you want you may have to call KP and see how to get it.

I have may and July that I can find from this year do you remember what the month/season was?

Plantgoddess I think you found it!:yay: I can’t see a picture of it but the color is what I remember! Thank you!!!:hug: Off to call KP!

Thanks so much everyone! I knew I could count on you!

Glad to help. It is an adorable sweater. Have fun making and wearing it.

And guess what I found this morning… my Knitpicks Catalog. :doh: I thought I’d recycled it! Anyhoo… I looked it up on Ravelry and it is available for the $1.29 download, but the links are showing an error right now.

I just got a PM about the Shawl Collar Peplum if anyone wants it.

     "Hi Jan,
              I’ve just re-verified the links for the Knitpicks Shawl Collar Peplum Cardigan that you commented on a few months ago. It appears Knitpicks had removed the pattern to correct some errors and they have recently made it available again.
              ~Megan, Volunteer Editor"