Found new place to shop online

[U]Check[/U] out the new online store I found:cheering: It has everything anybody would want. Love the jewelry :woot:

:??Umm, I don’t see the link. Did I miss it?

Sorry about that

Thanks for posting this! I like this site a lot! :lol: samm

Thanks! I like that site too - and their catalogue is fun to look through too!

I’ve bought from them many times… love their products… fast, friendly and great service.

I called in an order on Friday am… it was at my house Tuesday pm…

Quality too… had a problem w/ a skien having 8 knots… (50 yds)

They sent replacement, and apologized… told me to keep the pain in the neck one for “in case”

Hmm…guesss I better go check it out! I like online shopping usually…Terri:happydance:

i get their catalog! glad to hear good things… i have been thinking about them lately

I get their catalog, too. :cheering:

Patternworks used to be ONE TOWN OVER from me–not 12 minutes away!!!1:pout:

They moved very shortly before I got back into knitting. Can you imagine having that as you LYS!!!1

:eyes: no way could I live anywhere close to that place.What I really is you can return ANYTHING for ANY reason no questions asked:star:
And Ingrid you would be in big trouble :tap: noooooooo not trouble (sorry my mistake :roflhard: ) but heaven:woot::blooby:

No, I’d be in trouble. I’d be the one in the back room, scrubbing the floors to pay off my debt.:rofling:

I get there catalog also… Love looking throught it. I guess I have never been to the wed site//