Found my knitting zen!

Holy heavens, I FOUND IT. The first pattern I did was a boring knit one row, purl the next for armwarmers. I figured itd be a good idea since its basic and I was just beginning, right?

Well, now I’m working on the Lion Brand Ripple Shawl for my nan and I am FLYING through it. It took a few months to do that last one and I’m still not really done. (Haven’t seamed it even now when I started in January.)

This one? I’ve gone through a ball of 120 yards of yarn in less than two weeks. And I just picked up my knitting again and I think I’ve cut about a quarter into the next ball.

I am just so excited. It’s coming out beautifully and so quickly. I am knitting for literally HOURS a day, quite happily. I am so in love with this right now, I have even forsaken [I]World of Warcraft[/I]. That’s right, I’m a WoW geek who’s managed to get pulled away. The last day on my subscription is tomorrow, I’m going to let it lapse to finish this. (It’s a Christmas present.)

Awesome … I think I must try making more shawls. Or at least something that [I]looks[/I] like something in the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s so awesome! There’s nothing like knitting zen… makes everything right with the world…:woohoo:

Thank you for sharing your experience! I’m new to knitting and I think this pattern looks like I can attempt it.

Just another reason I love this website - I always find something I can use.

Oh quite happy to share! I read on another knitting community that someone said they chose a simple enough pattern that had something they didn’t know in it, like a yarn over, to be their next project. That way, it wouldn’t get boring and they’d keep learning. =3

It is all about finding patterns that interest you and are fun to knit. It is harder to get through a pattern that is not keeping your interest. My grandmother told me to keep a few things going at a time so that you can switch projects when you get bored or just want to knit something easy without having to pay too much attention to it - you have it.

The shawl pattern is really nice and it sounds like you are having a good time working on it… :thumbsup:

Happy knitting…:knitting:

Definitely on the “interesting” pieces to knit. I don’t think I’ll be doing much that’s just plain knit one row, purl the next again. XD I’m going to use some of this leftover alpaca to make a cat toy pattern I found since my kitties keep sniffing my yarn.

I have my moments like that…knitting and WoW are fierce competitors at my house!!

WoW is now dead and I can focus my time on knitting. Too bad my knuckles started to hurt tonight. (Maybe because I was using the tin snips at school today?) I’m about to get off the computer and do some more knitting actually. :3

Way to go YarnKitten! I always tell people to go beyond the level they THINK they are in, keeping it interesting and challenging while at the same time increasing your abilities. Well done! Can’t wait to see the FO!

Hey! I just noticed that you’re in Sain John, so thought I’d say hi! I’m in Quispamsis :slight_smile:

Where do you buy your yarn? I haven’t found anywhere besides Michaels or WalMart.