Found lost CAT

I don’t even know where to start.
I don 't see how you can keep up with Ravelry, knittinghelp, and Blog. Plus add in there that I am going to be moving to another state in about 7 to 8 months.

Some info about me.

  1. I love to knit when I have time. I am not that fast.
  2. I have been knitting for about 4 years.
  3. I also love to oil paint and do pottery.
  4. I have a son in his first year of college. He likes to make movies with his friends and love the computer. Will miss him when we move.
  5. I have a DD who is going to be turning 15 in one day. The day after Halloween. She plays Soccer and love the Flag line. She is not happy about moving.
  6. I have been married for 21 years. He is a very smart man. I am not that smart. He works at the Nuclear plant and the new job he will be working for the Company of the Nuclear plant. “Entergy” It is a great job for him.
    7 I have lived in Arkansas all my life, Lived in this area since 1977.
  7. My Mom and Dad still lived in this area and help us out a lot with picking up kids and watching our pets. Will miss them.
  8. We are moving to Mississippi. We will wait until after my DD is out of school.
  9. I love bright colors. When I paint I use the brightest color and do abstract.
  10. I have been taking pottery lesson for 7 years.
  11. I have 2 dogs. A mix Golden retrieve, Her name is Sandy. and a Cocker named Snickers. He is my dog.
    13 My DH has a cat. named Shamu. She does not like me. I don’t like her. But I do love cats.
  12. I have a Brother who lives in Tulsa with his wife and 2 little girls.
    15 I have a sister who has not spoken to the family in 10 years.
  13. I am the oldest, then my sister, then my little brother, who is taller then me.
  14. my favorite color is purple, But I do love all colors. love a white or black canvas…that is ready to be painted on.
  15. I am a stay at home mom who is never at home. I stay busy with pottery lesson. one day a week. I teach part time art lesson for 9 weeks out of the year.
  16. I love comedy on XM Radio.
  17. And I love Chocolate.

I will add more later.

Welcome to the blogs! :hug:

Welcome to the blogs! Good start on your list! :thumbsup:

As for being overwhelmed…just don’t let it. When you have a life something has to give, just don’t let it be LIFE! I check Ravelry for msgs daily, but otherwise I mostly just use it for research or a little “window shopping.” :teehee: I spend most of my computer time here in KH helping, etc. The rest of my time I knit, watch TV, visit and do stuff with family, etc. :wink:

Welcome to the blogs!!

Tell DD happy birthday!

  1. I have been knitting for about 4 years.
  2. My favorite yarn is Noro silk .
  3. I would love to have but can’t afford Tilli Tomas yarn. But yarn should not have to cost that much.
  4. My birthday was Oct-19. I am now 42.
  5. I drive a Ford SUV. but I am looking at getting a smaller SUV or car.
  6. I can’t spell very well. I have dyslexia. Just like Tom Cruise and Cher.
  7. I live out in the country. Love it out here.
    More later.

I really need to get off of here and quite playing around.
I have my first Art and craft show to do this weekend that I need to get ready for. I am going to try to sell some of my pottery and oil painting. I have some knitted purse that I have thrown together that i am going to try to sale. I don’t want to have to move some of this stuff and I don’t want to just give it away.
Here is a few of my art and craft stuff that I love to do.

Pretty stuff! :heart:
The brown and green shiny piece is very sensual.

Hi! I have lived in Mississippi all of my life and I hope you enjoy it here! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the blogs. Love your art ~ it’s beautiful.

You have a lot going there, it all looks great!

Thank you all for the welcome.

Pretty stuff! :heart:
The brown and green shiny piece is very sensual.

That is called Ruku. You have to fire it different then you do the other stuff. You can’t put food it either. It is ART. That is one of my favorite pieces.
First day at the Art and craft show and all I sold was 2 knitted purse for a total of 15.00… :shrug: WOW. It was a real slow today. My friends and I were real sad by not selling any thing. We hope we do better tomorrow.

Hello BabyDuck. I have posted over in the Mississippi area. I think Braden lives closed by where I am going to be living. Maybe one day I can met him and see some of his work.

  1. I took welding for 2 years at a votect in high school.
    29, I like swans and teapots.
    30.I am going to dye my hair Pink in about a week.
  2. When i turned 40, I colored it purple but it only lasted about 2 weeks.
  3. I had a tummy tuck about 3 months ago, and so far love the way I look now.
  4. We used to own Rabbits for 4-H.
  5. I like to make up story about people I don’t know just by the way they are acting.
  6. I am very shy until you get to know me then you can’t get me to shut up.
  7. I don’t have many friends.
  8. I don’t like to cook. But I do like to bake.
  9. I like hot weather better then cold weather.
  10. I have a black and white bathroom and a red bathroom.

I finish my DH Irish hiking scarf the other day. He has worn it once with the needle still in it:teehee: . We were at my DD football game. (she is in the band but does the Flag-line) It was cold, too cold for me to knit. So He put the scarf around his ears with the needles, and the bag with the yarn. :wink: He told me he could not wait for it to be finish because he could already tell it was going to keep him warm. I have some of the yarn left over, I am going to try to make him a hat to match it.

I am working on the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole. I am making it out of Malabrigo wool. I was thinking about this the other day. “I am about 1/4 of the way through this stole, but when I get ready to “block” it, since it is wool, How will I be able to put water on it without if felting?” I am guessing that if I put a spray water on it, It should be OK???:shrug: I am to far along to rip it all out and start all over again. I do love working on this warp. I never have had so much enjoyment working on a knitting piece before. I think it is because I have learned how to purl back wards. I love it. makes knitting so much faster.

Well today at the Art and craft show. My 2 friends and I, after setting around for 2 day and costing us 55.oo for the booth. Made a total of 45.00, Or I should say “I” made 45.oo… I was the only one who sold any thing. I feel so bad for my friends. They didn’t make any thing so were out the 18.00 for there share of the booth. But we did have fun hanging around each other. And we did sign up to do another show in about 4 weeks. WE are hopping that it will be closer to Christmas that we might sale more. But we don’t do the pottery to make money, But it would be nice to get rid of some it around our house:teehee:

I sold 2 knitted purse that I just throw together. I would just set and knit, when I first got started. playing around with some of my “cheap yarn” After I would get tried of knitting the unknown item, I would fold in half, add a handle, sew in a liner, call it a purse. I have about 6 of these. :wink: And one pottery plate. Which was my DH favorite piece. I make 30.00 off of it. I told him that I have enough other piece laying around that will work for him. All he did with this bowl/plate was put his “Stuff” in it… I think I can find him some thing else.:teehee:

I would love to have seen your hubby wearing that scarf with the needles in it. How cute!

And the yarn will not felt unless you agitate it, so you should be fine. Just be gentle with it.

Sorry your show was not a money-maker. :pout:

Oh that is too funny! I would have paid to see that!! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

Hi There ! Welcome .
You sound pretty smart to me. And your work is beautiful :slight_smile:

I took the day off yesterday… from Life, I guess since I don’t work. I skipped going to the gym, then I could of gone to the PTA meeting, but I’m not on the PTA, I just like going to the meeting. So what did I do all day yesterday???:poke:
I added more stuff to my Ravelry account. Plus I read and study all about my swapee. It was a good day yesterday. I set around in my nightgown all day until 2:00, Thought I would get dress before the kids got home from school.:teehee:

Today I went to the gym, then shopping. I got some charms and wire to make some stitch marker. I have never made any. So I am excited about that. I got all the stuff for my secret pal except for the YARN… I really need to find her some yarn. But that has been the hardest part.

Got to go for now and finish supper. NO time to knit…:wall:

I LOVE days like that!!! It sounds MARVELOUS! :hug:

Yesterday, I let my DD (15) have her (16) BF over to the house. I don’t let her date. but don 't mind if the guy come over to the house. After catching them kissing and how close they set together, I told her “no more” If they do that in front of me what will they do when I am not around. After that talked, I came across her notebook that her Friends pass back and froth to each other. I got a sneak pic at it and this is what I am reading. My DD friend (14) had sex for the first time with her BF. I don’t like the girl very much because the mother has let her do any thing. She is already dating a guy who can drive and lets them go out. it was just a matter of time for this to happen. I try to keep my eyes on my DD at all times, it is hard because at the same time I try to let her prove to me she will make the right decision if I am not around. So far so good. but little steps. I have been trying to call the girl’s mother all day. The girl known that I know, and know I am going to talk to her mother about it…
After trying all day to call the mother, I never did get ahold of her. When I picked up my DD, I asked if the girl talked to her, after asking some more questions, I do believe the Girl did tell her mother. So I won’t call her. And all I was going t tell her was that I had read where she had sex and let her handle it any way she wanted to.
I do talk to my kids when something happens where I can talk to them about it. I have already had 2 small talks with her about this and it won’t be the last.
Funny thing… We are going “geocacheing” tomorrow. Don’t want to leave my DD alone at home so told her she could bring a friend. She asked the “girl” and the girl said yes. So I guess I am not the bad guy. That make me feel better. A lot of her friends like me, (which I know don’t be a friend but a parent) I talk to them about stuff. But try to keep it where I am not stepping on any parents toes about what I say.
I have a snicker story that I tell all the kids. My DD hates it. "let say when you are 16 you get to eat a snicker for the first time, but when you are 14 you get a snicker, so by the time you turn 16 you have already had one so the surprise is not there., same goes with when you turn 18 you get ice cream for the first time but you have it when you turn 16 because you have already had a snicker so now you want a new surprise… So by the time you turn 18 you have done everything all ready what is going to be left for surprise on you wedding night or with some one really special?

The teenage years are so difficult. Good luck dealing with all that!