Found Kitten

He just should up on our doorstep all flea bitten and hungry.
Now to find his home or a home for him

:noway: Oh my word… he looks like a Ragdoll or Birman. I hope you can find his home or a home if you can’t keep him.

He does look like either of those two. I though Siamese but his face is more smushed. We can’t keep him; three Boxers and a cantankerous tom cat

If I was on the mainland I would love to have him (even though my allergies would hate me)! He’s adorable!

He may just be lost. It’s not often that a purebred is left to wander. Call your local SPCA and vets to see if anyone is looking. Maybe a newspaper ad.

He doesn’t look like a mix. The local rescue said blue eyes are not common in strays. We made posters

Both of those breeds have blue eyes. I have a Ragdoll that looked a lot like that as a kitten.

We would love to give this kitty a home, are you stil looking for a home

we just found him today, so yes he is looking for an owner or home. We need to give vets and such a call on Monday

Ohhh, he’s adorable! I hope you can find his home or find him a good home.

If you lived in WA, I’d take him. I love kitties.:heart:

I hope you find his home! He is too cute!


OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: He’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks so much like my Joey Ramone, a Himalayan (only not as fluffy), when he was a baby!! I sure wish I could take him!!

He is doing well. He has a full belly and is playing with everything in sight

Oh how I miss having kittens around…All my adult babies are pretty lazy now…LOL…Well, a couple of them have their psycho spells but kittens are so fun to watch! They’re so curious, clumsy and playful yet cautious of everything!

What a cute kitten. I hope you find his home soon!

He is a sweet kitty with a ton of spunk.

Oh I had hoped that you’d eventually decide to keep that little bundle of love! Wonderful! May he brighten your day for many many years to come. :hug:

Debra in NC

Did you find his home?

Noone claimed him. He is bugging the Boxer and driving the older tomcat crazy.