Found it

good morning
i have been looking for a pattern called whats it
and i found it
its a caplet
crystal palace free patterns
the picture is awful
so i never tried it terrible color
but i tried it in a better color
i changed one thing in the pattern
when i increase i do a yo
it is pretty
using bright colors
type of pattern that you can choose the yarn that you want
i am using my novelty yarn
in lots of bright colors
have a look at it and tell what you think

Um… you forgot to link.

i am not thinking
crystal palace free knitting patterns

But which one? They have hundreds…

I think she means

It’s a cute idea (different uses for a ruffle), but I don’t like those fuzzy/boucle yarns.


Ohhhhhh! That yarn makes me twitch, but if you like it go for it!

the name of the pattern is
by cyrstal palace free patterns

Oh I remember that one… You could do it in a plain yarn too, Jackie. Might not look quite the same, but you’d still get a ruffle.

i didnt finish the first one but i started another one
i started another one with beautiful yarn
i am knitting with noroand believe me when knitted with quality yarn it is beautiful