((FOUND)) ISO~ Caron Simply Soft Yarn

My husband and I just found out that the wife of one of the men that was in the convoy on the day our son was killed in Iraq, is expecting their 3rd baby next week. This man has been so helpful in obtaining information about the events of that day.

I’d like very much to do something special for him and his wife. I’d like to make their new baby a multi-colored afghan using Caron Simply Soft yarns.

If any of you have unwanted skeins or parts of skeins that you can donate or sale please contact me.

That’s so nice of you. I’m going to see if I have any. It’s very soft, should be perfect for a baby!

I’ll see if I have some, too. PM me your address.

I trully appreciate the help that I am receiving from a few posters. You people are the best at reaching out and helping. The baby is a boy, their third.

I failed to mention in my first post that I need the CSS acrylic yarn. I can use all colors. I plan to use mostly medium, bright, dark, and dark bright colors with a few lights placed here and there for a multi-colored blanket that will catch and hold a babies attention. Hopefully it will become his favorite.

I have 10 skeins of CSS acrylic in various blues and bright colors that are left over from a log cabin blanket. Probably more than half the skein is still unused for each of them. If you’re still interested let me know and we can figure something out. I don’t really have room for it right now.

PM’d you.