Found color scheme generator

For those of us who have trouble seeing what colors look like together here is a color generator.Have fun !!! I did!!

I sometimes have trouble so this will be a great resource for me. My daughter helps a lot but the ungrateful brat (please note sarcasm:roflhard: ) is moving out on her own… She has a terrific eye for color.

That’s cool! I’ve used this one for stripes.

Both of those sites are cool! I’ve just bookmarked!!!

:muah: :muah: :muah: Thank you so much, both of you! I’m the world’s worst at this! Mary

Wow! Those links are fabulous, thank you guys so much. I su*k at putting colours together.

:roflhard: Wonder what’s up with this? One of mine left and the other one just looks like he’s never gonna! :shrug: LOL! Sister sure is good at helping me with colors, thankfully, she’s not too far away.

My DH is an artist so when I’m not sure I can run colors by him, too. Love these generators though. They are fun!

Great resources. Thanks:clink: