FOUND:Colinette Jitterbug Sock yarn PATTERN!

Ok this is a strange request since you get one free with your jitterbug sock yarn, but my 3 year old has walked off with it and we can’t find it! I’m half way through my first sock! Does anyone have one they are willing to scan and email me or throw into an envelope and mail me?

It’s a bright green label (almost neon green).



I bought some Jitterbug not long ago and looked at that sock pattern on the back of the label. Looks like a simple basic sock pattern to me. There wasn’t anything that interesting about it.
All you do is start with the ribbing, then the rest is just stockinette.

What part are you up to?

The only problem is I’m half way through the first sock and I can’t remember numbers. I’m not sure I can match my 2nd sock!



Lucky, I only bought this skein yesterday! Do you want me to pm the pattern to you?

That would be WONDERFUL! I even went as far as moving all the furniture yesterday. Looking under couch cushions, in books…anything I thought my 3 yo would have done with it. He tells me he took it but doesn’t know where he put it. GAR!


Thank you sooo very much! :cheering: :cheering: