Found an item I just love..a yarn bowl

It’s my new discovery (for me, anyway), a yarn bowl…although I realize many of you are probably already familiar with them, they’re new to me and I think they’re great. I recently ordered one from this etsy seller, Darrielle.

I’ve received it and love, love, love it!! It’s gorgeous AND functional. Substantial weight so it doesn’t slide around when you start tugging at your yarn.

Just wanted to share for anyone else interested in this type thing.

Very Nice, I think that is going on Christmas list.

I love it! I didn’t know those existed.
Definately going on my christmas list.
And I love the yarn…what is it?

I didn’t know either until recently and I’m so glad I found them.

The yarn is a high dollar (NOT!!! LOL)acrylic Hobby Lobby yarn, “I Love This Yarn” in #804 Surprize Stripe. I making the Meandering Rib Scarf for someone and like the colors.

Very cool!!! My aunt is a potter/sculpter I should introduce her to the concept (read: ask her to make one for me ;o)

That’s pretty. :thumbsup: My DH is into ceramics now (taking classes) and has been making them and I’ve sold several to knitters at the LYS. They are pretty cool. :wink: Here’s a few of them. I just noticed the middle one still has the “space holder thingy” in the yarn slot. :wink:

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Jan those are beautiful.

How cool! I had never seen them either! Jan, your DH should open an etsy shop :wink:

I’ve thought of that, but the supply is limited because he’s making them in a class and when the class is done there won’t be anymore till next semester. And if he takes something else none at all. :lol:

That is cool, and the yarn in it is beautiful!

I love that bowl! :inlove: What a clever idea!

Thanks for sharing!

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey all,
That is such a brilliant idea. I have been using a handbag, covering the ball with a blanket, or sitting cross legged with the yarn going between my legs with small centre pull balls of wool. I find centre pull balls helpful and smaller sized balls great for traveling. But for evening knitting/long day knitting those bowls will be brilliant. Also they look pretty querky and pretty as an ornament. I adore hand made items, have more character than cheap !

~Phoenix~ [/COLOR][/I][/B][/FONT]

I do like those! :heart:

Very nice! I’ve heard of them before but I think I’d rather buy one here in my area rather than order online first :slight_smile: I have two kitties here that love to chase balls of yarn as it’s tugged on LOL…

And like you say it’s very decorative as well! Love the colours in the yarn you have there!

THANK YOU! Great idea! I’m running over to her Etsy Shop right now to have a peek!

She’s also started making some in a Rusty Red/Toasty Brown combo that are pretty too. I had to have that color as well but in a heart shape, it’s on it’s way!! They seem to be moving fairly quickly through her etsy shop…I check it often LOL (and I need to STOP!)

Ooooh, she has new ones in the shop today…received my heart shaped rusty red/toasty brown one, it’s fab, will post a pic later!

Well, a new item for my Christmas list and my children will cheer that it’s way cheaper than the Kindle I have been bugging my husband for. These things are beautiful and functional. What more could a knitter ask for?

I have to have one of those!

Adding the pic…