Found a really cute pattern for a tank top

And was wondering if anyone has tried to knit this?
I think it would be really cute and doesn’t look too hard. What do you think?


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I’ve never tried to knit this, but looking at the pattern, it does look fairly simple. I’ve seen the yarn used in a scarf and it was kind of neat.

I like it too… but I’d knit it in the round up to the armhole shaping rather than with the front and back flat and seam sholders. Why aren’t more patterns written this way?

I have a question Hildegard_von_Knittin,
When knitting something in the round like this tank, how do you mark your first stitch? That always confused me. And also if you did do this in the round, which I think too that it would be easy, how do you decrease the arm holes on each side to make it even? My luck I would have an arm hole in the front and the side of the tank. LOL
I would love some feedback on that.

Ooo … very cute! I took a look at the Evita yarn on Paton’s web site, and I’m wondering if it could also be knit in something like Lion Brand’s Incredible. I have a couple of balls of this lying around waiting to be made into a bag, but I think I would like the tank better! :lol:

Shoot!!! Sorry Beth, I didn’t check this post again until now!
Here’s what I would do: If you’re making the large pattern, you’d need 50 stitches for the front and 50 for the back. So I’d cast on 50 stitches, place a ring marker [size=2](or whatever you have,m i always lose them and use a piece of contrasting color yarn tied in a loop) [/size], then cast on 50 more stitches for the back; when you go to join for the round, place another different colored marker (or different kind) and then just start knitting. (yay, no purling in the round!) Knit for 12 inches (or whatever the pattern or however long you want to make it).
Then for the armhole shaping you’d switch to straight needles, knit the front and back separatly, then seam it at the sholder (or use a 3 needle bind off, which might be beater). Viola!

Did I answer your question? Sometimes I have trouble putting “what to do” into words…

Hilde –

I’ve been wondering how to do this, too, and I figured out I could probably just try it out and fiddle with it until I got it right, but it sure is nice that you came out here and 'splained it to us!!! I want to make another sweater like the one I’m about to finish up – given that it will fit OK – and I want to do it in the round 'cause I get real annoyed with the little balls of yarn for the intarsia part. Anyway, this just might be the ticket I need to get motivated about it. Thanks!

You might want to do some research on intarsia in the round . That thread has some info about it, but I think it could be tricky… because you’re not knitting rows, you’re knitting in a continuous spiral, and the colors might not line up. I don’t know much about it… maybe someone else does?