Found A Problem With The Options

As I was going through my new Options again today I noticed that the size 10 and size 10.5 needles looked the same to me. Being curious I broke out my needle size gauge and checked them. Sure enough, they had actually sent me two pairs of 10.5 and no 10 at all.

I just got off the phone with Knit Picks. The customer service rep was very nice. I told her how much I like the needles and explained the problem to her. She said “Oh goody. They do sometimes get pretty creative.”

She also asked if I had checked all of the cables and needles. I told her that I had, and that one of the 32" cables seemed a little hard to thread, but I could live with it.

She told me to keep the extra pair of 10.5 needles and she would send out a pair of size 10 needles as well as a new 32" cable.

I thanked her and she ended with 'Happy knitting".

A very pleasant customer service experience.

Well, that sucks that you’ve got no 10’s just yet, but I’m glad they were so nice about it! :cheering:

And now you’ve got an extra cable and set of 10.5’s, just in case! :cheering:

I had the same problem - I have 2 full sets of Options, but because of the sizing I have 3 US 10.5 tip sizes and 1 US 10 tip!

I love the Options but they are not perfect. I’ve had the area at the bottom where the cable is threaded in crack so the tip is unuseable.

Despite the problems the customer service at KP definatley is fabulous and they take care of any problems!

Always good to hear about excellent customer service! :cheering:

Hi Mason,

I had some similar experiences with Options…wrong needle size, and a wonky cable. They were great at replacing everything QUICKLY.

I think that they are doing a great job, all things told…what with the EXPLOSION of orders…and the OVERWHELMING job of manufacturing, QC-ing and shipping! I am surprised at how well they are handling it.

The response to their product just took them by storm!!

No wonder they take care of complaints quickly, ‘no questions asked’!
It takes more time to bicker than to just send the items out!

Oh how quickly they could crash&burn if a BAD REPUTATION took hold…thanks to our Forums with the sharing of experiences and recommendations…the Forums can either make 'em or break 'em…you can believe it! :eyebrow:

I heard about KPO’s through Knitter’s Review Forum!

Yeah, I have no complaint. Mistakes happen. We’re all human.

The customer service was superb. Who could ask for more than that?

I just realized I don’t have any nines oops!! I will call them today.

I’m not sure I went through and checked all mine. Maybe I should?

Darn…I just realized I don’t have any options at all…you think if I call them and tell them they’ll send me this missing sizes? :roflhard:



Always up for a freebie, eh?


I got mine today and had the same kind of problem – two sets of size fives and no size fours, so I called and size fours are on the way. I LOVE these. I spent my whole lunch hour inspecting and organizing them and printing out labels for the pockets. The case is so nice… I’m thinking of putting my Boyes in the little sleeves with the same sized Options and just keeping them all together, but I might need more pages to do that, since the Boyes have more sizes.

Hi Markette!

I purchased extra sleeve pockets for my OPTIONS binder, but it has its limits. It won’t zip smoothly/easily if you load it up too fat/thick. Sigh.\

Combining your BOYE set in with th OPTIONS: it could end up being too fat to zip up easily.

I contented myself with using some of the extra pages for additional size tips and cables.

That’s a good point – I’ve noticed that the case is already not that easy to zip up. I’m thinking the Fiskars probably won’t get to live in there, after all, even though they do sort of fit. Maybe a smaller pair. And I have the Options size 13s 15s and 17s on the way, too, along with two extra pages and some extra cables. Because if I have a set of interchangeable needles, I must have the complete set. I’m a little OCD that way. Not to mention that I’ve been about to break out in hives (not really) all afternoon at the thought of how to incorporate the smaller size Boyes (2s and 3s) into my organizational system without having to rearrange all the fancy labels I made on my labelmaker. The others can just go in the correct-size-pocket, but I have no pockets that say 2 and 3. I can’t just put them at the end, they go at the beginning. But all the small needles are in 3-pocket sleeves, and I only ordered two extra two-pocket sleeves, because the other sleeves were out of stock. Which would be perfect because I have two extra sets of needles to store, but it would be wierd to start with two pockets, then go to three and back to two. I could order another 3 pocket sleeve and put the 2s 3s and 4s in it, and then have two pockets of 5s, because that’s three sets after all, but I don’t like that either. See, OCD. Better to keep everything separate, in its own case. Even if the Boye case is ugly. Maybe I’ll knit it a sweater.

Okay…maybe if you guys just send me the “extras” that they’ve let you keep when they messed up your order…then I’ll have a set??? :shrug:

But then you will have a set full of rejects for the most part!!

Yup, you are in good company! I’m a little OCD myself!

I also have Denise interchangeables, and use them for specific things, now mostly to hold large number of stitches in place, but I would skip Denise if I hadn’t already invested in them.

As for additional organizational tips:
I purchased several handsewn circ needle cases from a little gal on Ebay.
She has a shop. I purchased two circs cases, 2 combo circ/dpn cases, and 2 dpn/crochet hook cases. They are only about $15…a liitle more for deluxe combo cases that include space for straights, circ, and dpn’s. She makes every one in a different fabric…so that you can easily tell which cases holds what needles, etc.! Her name is Sara Milliron, and her shop is called Frizzlechick’s Creations. Here is the direct link:

I use Sara’s circ needle cases to house my Addi’s, Crystal Palace and Lantern Mooons, Clovers, and vintage plastic circs. Frizzlechick (Sara) is a good seamstress, and I have never been dissappointed with her product nor her customer service/shipping!

Happy organiziing, from one OCD to another! :notworthy: