Found a pattern


i have found his pattern, i am looking for a free version if anyone knows of one please?

i was going to buy this one but they keep saying they are off line and to come back later?!?

anyone help please


That’s cute!

This one isn’t identical, but it has a lacy edge.

It looks like this hat has a feather and fan pattern just on the lower edge. You ought to be able to use a pattern for a plain one and integrate the feather and fan into it.

Cast on a multiple of 18 stitches + whatever you want for a border, but at least 1 stitch on either end. Assuming 1 stitch at each end, work the following 4 rows until you reach desired length:

Row 1: knit
Row 2: purl
Row 3: k1, * k2 tog 3 times, (k1, yo) 6 times, k2 tog 3 times * repeat from * to * until last stitch, k1
Row 4: knit