Found a pattern I want to try soon

I probably asked this question before, but I forget the answer:

How the heck does 150 stitches fit on a needle, even if it’s circular?!?!

Well, a circ can hold about 2-3 times as many sts as its length; because the cord is thinner than the needles, the sts will squish together more. So a 29-32" needle can fit about 60" worth of sts on it, even with a bulky yarn. Using size 13s makes about 2½-3 sts per inch, so that comes out about right.

Moar stupid questions…does the Options interchangeables set I’m getting have the right size needles in it for this project? Also, the type of yarn she suggested x 2 = a little less than my ginormous Bernat Super Value which is 426yards, it’s Worsted weight btw.

Not stupid questions at all - how else are you going to learn…

I would use 11s with the worsted weight; if you doubled it that would make the sts too dense for the 13s. But a single strand of the SV on 11s would be just about right. Those tips come in the Options set, and I think the cord makes a 32" needle so that works out okay too.

Just as a referrence, I have 280 stitches on the circular needles that I’m working on right now. And it’s only a 24" circular.

What’s the yarn weight though? I can squish 100 sts of doubled laceweight into about 6 or 8" to feed my left needle, but only about 25 of worsted.

Of course its fingering weight. I’d never fit 280 stitches of worsted on a 24". My last hat was 102 stitches of worsted weight cotton on a 16"