Found a great website with is a link for kitchener stitch >>

Scroll around, there are more and they’re easy to follow.


Another good resource! Thank you!

Awesome! Thanks, Boo. :slight_smile:

Thanks! that Kitchener stitch kicks my fat butt! LOL I did find a video on youtube that helped and I managed to get it done (it was a felted purse handle - thank God it was felted!) but it still didn’t look great. I don’t know why that stitch is so hard for me to grasp!

The video right here on Kitchner stitch is the best an easiest to follow I have ever seen!

Judy has other videos besides the one I mentioned and some of us need all the help we can get! I appreciate the videos on this site, but I have trouble seeing some of the steps since I can’t maximize the screen size on these, whereas on Judy’s, I can.

The more resources we have, the better!!! :knitting:

Oh no! Conflict of interest! Someone needs to be flogged. :teehee:

All I see is a green screen with audio on that site. Oh well.

You might want to try again. It works fine for me. Might be your server? (I’m not technical!)