Found a great temporary solution to hold my new DPNS!

I apologize if this has already been suggested…

Today I got my first set of DPNs in the mail (sizes 1-11). Of course after I got them, I was completely at a loss as to where I would store them until I got a proper holder.

Well… I decided they would all just have to wait in their packaging until I could come up with something. As I went to the fridge to get some more crystal light it hit me - the empty crystal light package!

It’s round and has a lid and it’s the perfect height to house my new little treasures. Of course I wrapped each size up with a rubber band before tossing them in so I wouldn’t have to search for 5 matching needles, but I’m super pumped at my temporary solution. And who knows, maybe it won’t be temporary… saves more money for more yarn ;o)

That’s a great idea! Good thinking!

I think it’s a good idea. You could even decorate the little canister if you wanted! :wink:

I have my crochet hooks in a crystal lite container!

Good idea Rhonda!!! I bet I could knit a little cover for it :oD