Found a doggie (Updated, looking for Harvey's new home)

A little black and white dog followed my DS home from school. He said he tried to shoo him away but he just wouldn’t listen. :roflhard: He looks like a shitzu and is extremely friendly and loving so I’m sure he came from a good home. He had a collar but no tags. We gave him a bath and are going to bring him to the vet tomorrow to see if he’s got a chip. I really hope he does cus someone must be heartbroken right now. The baby jumped right into my lap after the bath. Nothing like a wet dog in your lap :roflhard: My cats are going absolutely nuts of course, but to tell you the truth I think he’s more afraid of them than they are of him.

So, if he isn’t chipped and nobody claims him, are you going to keep him…and name him “Peanut”? (You know, “found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut just now, just now I found a peanut found a peanut just now”…I think we used to drive my mom crazy singing that stupid song over and over and over when we were kids.:teehee: )

Aaaaw, he sounds like a sweetie! We have a dog now too that we got in a similar manner-followed my sons home, and plopped down and refused to move :teehee:

Turns out he wandered over from next door-we live in the country on almost 5 acres, so we didn’t realize he was a puppy from the neighbors’ bunch. Luckily, they didn’t mind and now we have a great big love-bug of a dog. :slight_smile:

miccisue, you cracked me up~ I used to LOVE to sing that silly song!!

Could you phone your local dog shelter and see if anyone has reported him missing

Thanks for taking him to the vet to check, Evona.
My doggie ran away on the first, and since she is a pure bred, (and a very expensive sorta ‘strand’ of this breed…) and we are thinking someone picked her up and decided just to keep her. :frowning:
I wish she had been a mutt. :teehee:

The vet doesn’t open for a few hours, but if he’s not chipped we will put up fliers and call the local shelter. I don’t want to put a picture of him on the fliers because I don’t want someone saying its their dog when its not really. I’m just going to give a basic description and ask them to call me and describe him in more detail. For instance, he has one white leg and one black leg in front and the tip of his tail is white. I can say I found a black and white shitzu, but only the owner would know the particular pattern of coloration :wink: Knowing a name and having him come to it would help too.

He certainly is a cutie. I am going to give my best effort to finding the owner because he is so sweet I just can’t imagine someone not missing him terribly right now. If I absolutely can’t I might keep him though :slight_smile: and maybe I WILL call him peanut :teehee:

That is so sad! I bet you miss her. Keep trying. I hope she turns up.

I just got back from the vet and they didn’t find a chip. They gave me a small bag of dog food since all I have at home is cat food. I’ll make up some fliers now and copy them at work on Monday. I guess this is home for him for the weekend though. Unless someone sees him and recognizes him while we walk him.

Did you look in your paper to see if it was listed in the lost dogs?

Hold back a detail in the description.

Oh my! We have a black and white shitzu and just love him to death - I bet the owners are frantic!!! You could place an add in your local paper and I wonder if your local radio station would announce it for you? I hope you can find the owners!!

Have you been able to track down your new found friends owners?
Local radio stations often have lost and found lists to.

No owners yet. I have a found dog ad up on the local shelters website and they know about him so if the owners call they will contact me. I also put up fliers at the local pet stores, vets, grocery stores and up around the neighborhood too. They just went up this morning though.

:roflhard: Cute!

He sounds like a sweetie. I would want to keep him!

Just a thought – in this economy, with so many people out of work, it’s possible that someone felt they could no longer take care of the poor little thing, and abandoned it near a school, where a child would be almost certain to take it home. I’m glad that it’s a sweet dog and that you’ll be able to adopt it if the owner doesn’t come forth.

I have no idea how your scenario will play out; however, quite a few years ago, we also found, or should say the most darling little Schnauzer mix, found us in a RV park in Albuquerque. We inquired at the office, notified the animal control, etc. Well, we had to leave in a few days to head back home to Las Vegas, NV and little ‘Orphan Annie’ went with us. She and our dog, Missy, got along as though they had grown up together. We were only lucky enough to have Annie for about two years when she died of age-related problems. We loved her as though she had been with us from puppy-hood. To this day we just know, since she was freshly groomed but no collar, someone was unable to take care of her, saw a nice RV park where older people were and that was the end of the story. I do hope your little lost one will find her original owners, but if not, love her, or him and it might turn out, as with us, to be the most beautiful canine relationship of all time. Good luck.

My friend told me that years ago her dog jumped out of the car when her parents came to pick her up from school, but they didn’t realise until they got home. They tried the vets, USPCA etc but no joy. Just on the off chance her dad asked around the area of the school if anyone had seen it, and someone told him a local old lady had found a dog. He went around to see if it was her dog, and it was. He said the old lady was very upset as she obviously loved the dog, but that my friend was upset too, so he took the dog back.

I don’t know how to change the title of this thread to indicate that there’s an update so I’ll just do the standard ol reply :slight_smile:

The update is that we haven’t found the doggie’s owner. Lately we’ve been calling him Harvey - short for Harvey Milkbone. Unfortunatley, we can’t keep him though. Its obvious that he had an owner that was around 24/7. If we leave even for a moment to go out and get the mail he has horrible separation anxiety. Its just not fair to keep him and have him be so sad while we are gone at work and school. He is such a sweetie pie. Our neighbors next door are thinking about taking him. They have an older doggie and one of them works from home so there would always be company for him. I hope it works out. He is such a sweet dog. My DS gave him a stuffed gorilla he got years and years ago from a hospital volunteer when he broke his arm. Harvey LOVES that gorilla. Its sweet to watch him play with it. He carries the gorilla everywhere and uses him as a pillow when he sleeps.

You might want to try calling your local police station too. They might have gotten a call from the missing dogs owners.

Thanks robkat! I just called the police, but unfortunately LAPD serves such a huge area they really can’t help. She said that even if someone did call it in, they wouldn’t take the report unless the owner was sure the dog was stolen and even then I would have to know the victim’s name if I wanted them to search the reports. They literally get thousands of reports and they won’t search them by such tags as “lost shih tzu”. I e-mailed a few shih tzu rescues and I have some leads like my neighbors and if that doesn’t work out even the cop I just talked to seemed like she would be interested in him :roflhard: But I do want to be sure he goes to the right home that will take care of him and understand his needs. For this reason I am leaning heavily toward the rescues. I know they will really research the home he would go to.