Found a clip for Many stitches to view!

[B]found a clip for many stitches to view![/B]…directions.htm (this is the grafting clip)

I can do it now!:woohoo:

This will be added to my favorites! I’m teaching my granddaughter to knit and these will be very helpful!

Excellent resource! Thanks for posting it!:thumbsup:

You are all welcomed. I love this link! Anytime I can see it being done is Good!

I got my felted purse done and felted:woot:and it came out GREAT!!! I’ll post pictures of it as soon as I can. I posted in my blog some before felting pic’s of it and I can’t wait to post the finished project!

This was a huge deal for me , because I was convinced that I couldn’t do it and with alot of :pray: I DID IT!! Remember I am very new to this knitting thing. I wonder how many more projects one has to have under their belt to be able to say, “I’m a advid knitter” ???:rofl: