I made these handwarmers recently and I plan to make more! I made them with 2 different colors of yarn and I used a basket weave pattern as some layering. They are super comfy! I wear them everyday!:woot: :woohoo:

Very cute!

Nice ones! I see you like the color blue in all it’s hues. :thumbsup:

I do too!

Way to go, sista! :thumbsup:

Awesome! Great job!!

Thank you! :aww:

Hi! these are great! And I can see how much you appreciate them! That is just awesome… isn’t it? Something you made and that looks good on you and that you really love and that others like, as well, and all that? That is one of the main reasons, I knit! Being busy, creating something and feeling accomplished with that! Keep it up!

Edit: you are really just 12!? Great! I started knitting early, too. It stayed with me for over 30 years now and I just love it!

Those are great. I second what everyone else says!

Well done :heart:

They are very cute - nice job and great colors! :thumbsup:

Yup and proud of it!:angelgrin: The only thing that is keeping me away from my needles and yarn is school. I am homeschooled and have quite a bit of work. At least I am getting smart!

How cool! :muah: Fingerless mitts are so fun to make. Impressive looking, but not a big project, and everybody loves them. I can tell you are having a lot of fun with your creative knitting projects.

I see you are a homeschooler. I taught our kids at home. All are grown ups with kids of their own. I love homeschool. Knitting-- I used to keep track of anything like this the kids did, write down the time spent, etc. Practical arts I called it. Learn a lot, especially how to learn. Have fun. :thumbsup:

Thank you! I plan to make more as soon as I have some time in my hands.

Those are very cute, great job!! :thumbsup:

Good job!

:woot:[SIZE=4][B]FANTASTIC! [/B][/SIZE]

You’ll love the endless possibilities knitting offers.

Man, I don’t know if I could blush any harder!:aww: Thank you for your kind compliments!

Well done you - you are one clever girl! Being able to knit at ‘school’ must be really great, even if you do have to stop to do other school work.

Who taught you to knit? My mum taught me but I know other people were taught by their grandmother.

I hope you don’t ever lose your love of knitting.


Actually I taught myself! All I had was a book, a pair of straight needles, and some yarn and I was off!