Hey everyone! I realize I’ve been pretty much absent from this board for quite some time, but I promise I’ve been lurking to see what you’ve all been up to.
Being back at school is so great, but I am getting to be really, really busy (and I have my junior piano recital at the end of this semester, so I’m going to have even less free time from now on) and so it’s been difficult to find time for just chit chatting on the boards. Now that I’m posting some FOs, though, I’m realizing how much fun I have on here and how much I really miss it. So I’m going to try to be good and post the usual comments and kudos, because I miss you all so very much!
While I haven’t had much extra time, I have been trying to get in a bit of knitting every time I get a chance, so I wanted to show you all what I’ve been up to.

My first venture into the world of crochet in SUCH a long time!

I got the Happy Hooker book and found out that the way my grandma taught me how to crochet isn’t exactly the way you’re supposed to (we hold the hook differently, and wrap the yarn the opposite way) but I don’t really want to change how I do it. I think it’s a cool connection with my grandma, and I can still make really awesome stuff! Grandma “can’t” read patterns, so she invents everything she makes. But I am reading patterns now but also incorporating the stuff she taught me, so I feel like I’m bridging the gap. Way cool :smiley:

A simple pair of socks for my brother’s girlfriend as a Christmas present. This is the first time I used KP yarn (Essential) and used contrasting color for ribbing, heel, and toe. This was a fun knit that I was able to do while studying from text books (that’s the coolest thing I’ve learned EVER!) It’s a great way to incorporate knitting into my day, and I feel super productive.

And there’s not a weird stain or dirty spot on the sock, it’s just a weird shadow in the picture… shrug

And, my newly-developed, semi-unhealthy love affair with homemade stitch markers. I bought the stuff for them literally two days ago, and I’ve made almost 20! Yikes!(Thanks a lot, Art lady!!! lol)

Let me know what you think, everyone! And catch me up on how you all are doing! Have a great day :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed your absence! Good to see you stop by. I figured that school was keeping you busy. :hug:

Your projects look great–I’m glad you can fit some knitting time in with your studies. It’s good that you have your priorities straight!:teehee:

aDORable purse! The socks are very cute and the stitch markers lovely. WTG!

Hey Rachel! I was just thinking about you and assuming you must be really busy back a school - glad to see you are still knitting (and crocheting and stitch markering LOL)! Good to hear from you - projects look great :thumbsup: Aren’t making the stitch markers addictive :roflhard:

The purse is :inlove:

The stitch markers are :cheering::cheering::cheering:

And the socks… are very cute… and you are very sweet to make them for your brother’s girlfriend! I think that makes you one :star: of a sister!


Nice! Matching sox and purse, love it!

I’ve certainly noticed your absence. It looks like you have had a little time to craft. The purse is lovely. :muah: Crocheting like knitting can be done many ways, so stick to Grandma’s way. :wink: It looks like it works just fine.

Your brother should appreciate you making a gift for his girlfriend. And the stitch holders look like fun. I’m the most pleased to hear of your recent and best skill…knitting while studying at the same time. :thumbsup::thumbsup: Why not? Blind people can knit. :slight_smile: Drop in as you are able.

Beautiful FO’s. I love love love the purse.

heya there you are!!! Love your FO’s especially the stitch markers!! I’ve been thinking of making some myself but haven’t ventured that far yet. Great knitting/crocheting as usual!!!

Great FO’s! And it’s good to find some time for knitting during the day, isn’t it?

Everything looks great as usual Rachel! Good luck with the recital. Thomas has his in November.

Welcome back, Rachel! You can see that you’ve been missed. I’m glad you’re finding some time to knit despite the demands of school, and I’m really impressed with your crocheted purse! I’ve never mastered the art of crochet – it’s a total mystery to me. I think it’s really cool that you learned from your grandmother and are carrying on her style of crochet. The purse is so sweet! Love the color. And your brother’s girlfriend is going to love those socks. Great use of color. The stitch markers are gorgeous. I’ve got to make some of these! Where did you get your supplies?

I’ve been anxiously waiting for pictures of your argyle socks – are they finished yet? Hope things are going well at school.

Welcome back :happydance:!! I was wondering about you as well…

I can’t see the pictures… I just get red xs… tried right clicking and show picture…still won’t show up for me…:verysad:

Beautiful items! :yay:I especially love the socks–contrasting color is great:thumbsup:

I have the same book and I hold my needle differently too. Do what comes natural to you!

BTW: I notice you go to school in Tennessee–I’m in Tennessee too! :waving:

Your crochet purse is really adoreable. I have those same handles on my cabled purse I recently made. I don’t know how to name URL’s so they are shorter, sorry

I love the two colored socks! And those stitch markers are so cute. Every time I pass by my plastic pink ring, I scoff at it.

I love the purse the green is so pretty…
busy girl…:blooby:

I just love that purse and the socks are so cute…A girl can never have too many stitch markers. Nice to hear from you again x

I was just wondering about you yesterday! Good to see you are doing well, I miss all of your beautiful fo’s!
Great job on everything, I love the stitch markers. Much better than my first attempts at them!

Nice work on the projects. Good luck on your Junior Recital. My DD is in her junior year as a piano performance major. All that practicing, so much pressure. PLUS they expect academics too! It’s nice to take a few moments out and do your knit/crochet projects. Just to relax a bit.

You’ve made some really lovely items! :cheering: That purse is too cute.
I was a music major (flute), and I remember all the hours I spent practicing very fondly.