FO's: Zoe Cardi and Baby Blanket

Now that I can get pics to upload, I thought I’d finally share a couple of finished objects.

After at least four total rip-outs and restarts, I finally finished my Zoe cardi (pattern by Cheri Christian)! I really like it despite the fact that I feel like the neckline is too big and the Cascades Ultra Pima cotton yarn tends to grow in length.

The Little Girl Pink Baby Blanket (free pattern from was made for the first granddaughter of a friend at work. I’m pleased with it but am hoping that someone can suggest a different border if I should use the pattern again. I didn’t realize that the garter stitch border would flip to the backside so severely until I was way too far into it to start over. I’ve since found the article on the TECHknitting blog as to how to prevent the flip, and blocking helped even with the acrylic yarn, but I’d much rather use a different border in the future and avoid the hassle altogether. Would a seed stitch or moss stitch border also flip? Any other suggestions as to a border that won’t flip?

Nice job.:cheering:

*I really like it despite the fact that I feel like the neckline is too big
Yes, that would bother me too. Make a pattern note for next time.

*Would a seed stitch or moss stitch border also flip?
This was my first thought.

Both the sweater and the blanket look lovely. They turned out really well. The blanket is a treasure for your lucky co-worker.

The flip on rhe blanket is because of the sts [I]next[/I] to the border. A wider border in garter, seed, or moss would help that. But honestly, when the blanket is used, no one is going notice which way the border sits. It is too beautiful!

Wow! Thanks for posting these pictures. Your cardi and blanket are both gorgeous!

I can see why you might not like the neck of the cardigan, but you can also wear just about any kind of shirt under it and perhaps not be bothered as much by it. The layered look is really in style these, and so you’d be styling right along with everyone else!!

Beautiful!! That blanket pattern is so sweet and girly!

I’ve had the same problem on garter stitch borders on sweaters. On my recent sweater I sewed a ribbon on the back of the button bands overlapping those edge stitches, but it still wants to fold over. I’ve been meaning to try this on a simple sweater or blanket -

It would take some planning on fancy patterns, but I can see why it works.

Lovely!! :yay:

Thanks, everyone for the nice comments. Zoe was my very first knitted sweater and definitely a learning experience! It’s a real relief that it came out nicely and I like it! The baby blanket looks much more difficult than it is but is detailed enough to prevent boredom. Thanks again! Your constant sharing of information and encouragement is invaluable!

This is really lovely work!

The neckline on your cardi is fine IMO! Mainly because it will be worn with a top underneath anyway. But I follow why you feel that way, especially since you mentioned that the yarn wants to lengthen anyway.

Well, it looks wonderful on you, and you should be very proud!

The blanket is awesome! Such great work, nice even knitting! Perfect! I know how you feel about the border flipping over. I’ve had the same dilemma with scarves!

But I also agree with others that it won’t matter one bit when the blanket is in use!

I’ve tried several remedies for this ‘flipping’…like making the border wider by 3 stitches, but nothing ever cured the ‘flip factor’ because no matter what I did, the border lays next to st st!

Maybe (next time) don’t work any border at all. When you’re done, work an applied i-cord along the edge. It would nice to experiment with this first before committing to working the entire blanket without the 3-5st built-in border.

What does everyone else think? :think: Would an applied i-cord right next to the st st work better than the built-in garter stitch border?

Thanks, ArtLady! I really do love my Zoe cardi and (hopefully) will be able to make a better choice of yarn if I should decide to make another.

I’d also love to hear others’ comments re: a different type of border, or I-cord border for the baby blanket. It came out so nice, soft and cuddly and cute that I almost felt like the misbehaving borders ruined it. I know it doesn’t but still… :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful knitting! Lucky recipient!