FOs: Women of God socks series

Hey everyone! I may have posted these socks individually as I finished them, but I wanted to show the complete set.
For those of you who don’t know, I’m going to California in TWO DAYS (!!!) for Spring Break. I’m staying with my amazing friend Tiffany and her two roommates. I knit them each a pair of Monkey socks in their favorite color as a thank you for having me - my Woman of God socks series. They’re all beautiful ladies who are so strong in the Lord, and I hope they like these.

Red is for Regina, Yellow is for Jesse, and Blue is for my incredible Tiffany! hehe The whole primary colors thing was just a coincidence, but I do think they look extremely cool in a set! Let me know what you think :smiley:

They look fabulous, your friends will love them. Have fun in California.

Your Ladies of God set does look wonderful! Have a really blessed visit!

They look awesome now if I could master the sock. I got my mom obessessed with knitting them too! now she says its a competiton to see who can knit their first pair first!!! help!!!

she is using dpns. I of course like the challenge and want to do ML my first time

They’re beautiful! :cheering:

great work!! love the color choice:blooby:

They are wonderful!! What great gifts!

They will love and treasure them Rachel. They look terrific.

They will love them… Have a great time!! :yay:

Great socks your friends are so lucky.

They look great! Have a safe trip!

They’re lovely! Great colors and as usual, it looks like painstaking perfection.

When you’re in CA, face north and wave to me! :muah:

Great sock and very pretty colors!