FOs: wire bracelet & earrings, Leaves of Whimsy Socks!

Some of the things I’ve got on the needles at the moment. All the yarn here is yarn I got in the Great Swap from my Incredible Buddy Becka! And, the socks are her pattern - isn’t it beautiful! - and I’m even using needles she gave me!

Tried my hand at knitting some jewelry…

:smiley: I’m so HAPPY that you are enjoying the goodies from the swap :smiley:
Everything is looking great, too :wink:
I love the 3 scarves on 1 needle, too…I’m gonna have to give that a try :wink:

Wow are those all pretty! They look great! :thumbsup:

Can you share the patterns with us?

Very neat work.


Love that lemony yellow! Makes me think of Lemonheads! LOL

1 needle, 3 projects??!! Oh this I must TRY! Everything looks GREAT!!

Thanks everyone. I am having lots of fun. Taking a week off from work and :XX:

Tamar - You can get Becka’s pattern for the socks free (well, a penny LOL) at Kemp’s store, Diva Knitting, with any purchase there.

The pattern for the scarves is on the KnitPicks site, also free.

Jamadian - The 3 on 1 idea was totally new to me, which is exactly why I did it. I’m not sure I’d try with harder patterns, but with simple ones it’s lots of fun!

Everything looks beautiful. I love the yellow socks!!

:cheering: :cheering: I LOVE. LOVE the jewelry, too :heart:

Just edited to add the finished socks.

Pretty, pretty stuff! I love the socks and the jewelry!

I’ve seen that 1 needles, 3 scarves pattern! That is awesome! Great job on everything! :inlove: :inlove:

Everything looks great! Your socks turned out so nice!!! I’m so happy that you are enjoying the swap goodies :muah:

WOW! I’m impressed! What technique did you use to knit the jewelry? Everything is gorgeous!

Beautiful!! I love the jewelery and the scarves. :slight_smile: I went to knitpicks to check out the pattern and got all excited when it said “you can do this project for as little as $9.__” Turns out that was just the price for one scarf. :frowning:

I’m saving my pennies, though, so I can give those scarves a shot. You did a wonderful job!

Thanks! This is the pattern for the bracelet. It was fast and fun and I’m happy with it. I think it well take a lot of practice to get the trick of the tension and not twisting the wire, etc. But I can’t do much at once because it hurt my fingers a little. (Not much, and woth it, but still…) The earrings were the same, except decrease to just the one bead at the top.