FO's winter hats

a couple of hats from last winter

Wow, they look great! I really love the way you did the shaping in that first one! Awesome work :woot:

Nice job!!!

They look terrific!

OOOh, I love the first one, very unique!

Do you have a pattern for the first one? I would love to make it!


The first one is really a work of art. I haven’t seen one like that. I really love full brimmed hats. I think they make ladies look very sophisticated. :cool: Would love to hear where you got that pattern as well. -Ve

Nice work! Hats are so fun.

They look great

The first one really needs a felted flower with some color to perk it up. The yarn was a lovely varigated mauce/brown/grey which kind of lost it charm after felting so I think I will try adding a flower.

Believe it or not the pattern is from the KH free patterns page - it is the pictured felted hat on the right about 1/2way down the page. I just shaped mine differently and I belive I may have thrown a few extra rounds in the brim.

If you like the color of the hat I have some I may be willing to sell you…I am not really in love with the color or the fuzziness of it. I am used to felting Cascade 22O which doesn’t really fuzz at all.

Happy Knitting

They look great!! I like the style of the first one… very cute…:thumbsup: