FOs: UPDATE - Wine Bottle Gift Tag

I made a boo-boo on the wine bottle thinking Jiffy yarn “wasn’t all that much thicker than plain ole yarn” well it’s a little big as you can see in the picture… HOWEVER, I’m pretty sure it will fit a champaign bottle so all is not lost! I got the pattern from BeachWalker as a result of THISprevious KH thread.

The “Heart” scarf has already been gifted and that’s just me with very wet hair modeling it. (thus no head) :teehee:

Again the “DNA Scarf” has already been gifted and the picture taken on the same wet hair morning.

[I][SIZE=1][COLOR=gray]12/19 - Edited to make the pictures clickable.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=1][COLOR=#808080]12/25 - Edited to add new pictures with gift tags[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]

Nice work! I love that heart scarf, it’s in my to-do list. :slight_smile:

Those are beautiful!

:happydance: They look great, love the heart scarf :inlove:

Oh wow! GREAT scarves! Love the Wine Bottle Bag too!!

Everything looks great.

Very nice…I especially love the Heart scarf - I hadn’t seen that pattern before…might have to try that one out… :inlove:

Wow, lovely work on all of them!

How beautiful those are! I just love that bottle cozy…what a great gift idea! :thumbsup:

They all look fabulous! :thumbsup: The wine bag should be perfect for a bottle of champagne! Love the heart scarf - going on the to-do list here!!

Just beautiful! Everything!!! Love the wine bottle bag - and your scarves are gorgeous!!!

[I][B]Great work, marni! [/B][/I]

And thanks for making the photos clickable! That was nice to be able to enlarge them for a better look!

Love all three, Marni! Great job!:thumbsup:

Thanks for the pattern! It took me a while to get around to it, but it turned out nice! Did you ever get the pattern on Ravelry or uploaded somewhere so I can link to it?

You’re welcome! No, the pattern isn’t on Ravelry yet. I still haven’t figured out how to put it there.:oops:

Look the wine bottle gift bag fits a large bottle of wine great! I decided that it needed a gift tag so using the link that Beachwalker provided for the pattern for the knitted socks I made this little tag. At first I used spray adhesive to attach a card the same size size of the knitted tag but it looked stupid so I peeled it off. So I cut a piece of felt to size and whip stitched it together. The end result is much nicer and neater looking too.

What a great solution for the tag!:thumbsup: