FOs - Two sweaters

Here are two pullovers I’ve finished recently.

The first is the Kid’s Gansey You can see a mistake I made in the left center cable (left as you look at the picture). It was too late to fix, and it isn’t too noticeable when my dd is wearing it

The second is the Child’s Aran Pullover. I’ve made this sweater before, and I can never get the neck as I like it when following the pattern. Next time I’ll change it

wow those are fabulous. When she moves at all, that little cable thing won’t be noticed. I may not have even picked it out if you hadn’t said something.

Very pretty! GREAT job!

Both are very sweet, and you DD is beautiful!

Don’t worry about the wrong twist, no one important will mind.

She is so cute!! They both look great and no one will notice at all…:thumbsup:

They’re both beautiful! And your daughter is a doll! You got the fit just right.

They both look great. Very pretty colours.

They look great! What a cute little redhead! Reminds me of my dd at that age!

Beautiful sweaters!!

Great work :slight_smile: Sweet kid too :slight_smile:

I like your sweaters!! You did a nice job. Cute kid, I love her hair.

Great work! I think they are both superb! :thumbsup:

GREAT job on both of them!! I think they’re gorgeous! (just like your DD!)

Great job! You shouldn’t have pointed out that cable, though, or I wouldn’t have noticed. :slight_smile:

They both look great! :slight_smile:

Great work! I totally wouldn’t have noticed the mistake in the first one had you not told us about it. They’re beautiful. :slight_smile: