FOs - Two not yet posted

[B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]Cardigan, Cap and Mittens for DD[/COLOR][/B]

Cardigan is the Child’s Basic Cardigan from Bernat. I used Bernat Wool Blend, in the Sky and Tan colorway.

[B][COLOR=“DarkRed”]Socks for me[/COLOR][/B]
The socks are a free Ravelry Download called Nine-to-Five Socks. I used Lion Brand’s Sock-Ease in the Red Hots colorway.

:happydance: Everything looks great!! Love the colors :inlove:

Love everything. Colours are really nice. Did you find the sock pattern easy to follow?

The sock pattern was VERY easy to follow. I hardly needed the pattern at all when it was just even knitting. The only thing I had kind of trouble with was at the heel, as all the needles shifted (needle 1 became needle 2, etc and the SOR moved to needle 4 instead of needle 1). This was probably my fault, that I didn’t understand something, though.

your DDsoutfit is so adorable and the sock is great. I like the colors on the sock. Funny you said it was easy as I was thinking how tedious it looked to me. LOL It’s an impressive pattern.

Well, they look like cables, but they aren’t. If I’m not mistaken, it’s called “Broad Spiral Rib”. Once you get how to do the stitch, it’s easy and easy to remember.

Very nice . I really like the socks . :slight_smile:

good job :thumbsup:

Great job! That baby set is adorable!

:yay: Love that sock yarn!

What a cute set for your DD:inlove: It will look great with her gorgeous hair! And the socks are pretty :heart:

Great job! Love those socks and your DD’s sweater set turned out wonderful!

Really nice and I love the colors!


Lovely I especially love the socks.

The set is very cute. I like the sock too. :slight_smile:

Nice! I love that baby sweater!

The sweater outfit is adorable, love the colors.

Want to thank you for the link to the sock pattern, I’ve been working on a pair for a friend, and 9-5 looks more appropriate for the yarn.

Nice FOs. You did a beautiful job on the sock. That pattern stitch is attractive. Nice baby set. It will keep your little one cozy in the winter months to come. Are you going to add buttons, or leave it open in front?

I love your FOs and especially the socks. Thanks for the ravelry pattern link.

I am fairly new to sock knitting but was wondering if that pattern could be adapted for magic loop? If so, how would you change the pattern?



Yes, when I finally found buttons I liked, I put them on. That was about 2 days ago. I had put crochet buttons while waiting, so she could close them. I hadn’t stiffened them since they were temporary and were starting to look very sad LOL