FO's - Two Finished Booga Bags

I just finished making two Black Sheep Booga Bags (a free pattern).

The first one is for my dh’s grandmother. She recently admired the one I made my sister for Christmas last year. I thought it would be a unique gift for a 90-year-old young-at-heart lady.

I used 140g of Noro Kureyon #209


The only modification I made was to add grommets to add durability to the strap holes.



I made another bag for a friend. She sat beside me one day at church and admired my purse (the first booga bag I ever made). She asked if I would be willing to make one for her to give her daughter, and I readily agreed. She’s a sweet lady and a wonderful mom. I counted it a privilege to do this for her.

She ordered the yarn, and when it came in, she delivered it to me.

I used 125g of Noro Kureyon #95


I added brass grommets to this bag. That was the only modification.



Thanks for looking! :muah:

Very nice! I love love love the striping and color combinations, and smart thinking to add those grommets (I love the word grommet hehe). :o)

so kind of u …u shud be proud …lovely bags …i like both

beautiful work!! very bright colours, just perfect! :cheering:

Very nice gifts Nathalie! I love the colorway of the second one - perfect for fall :thumbsup:


Oh they are soooo nice! I love them! And thanks for all the great photos, too! Wonderful work all around!!!

Ya gotta LOVE the booga bag!!!

Great job, love the colors!!! Makes me want to go home and make another :heart:

Gotta ask though, what are the metal thingies in the handle holes? I’ve never seen them before. What a great idea.

You are all so kind with your words. Thank you. It does a knitter good.


BTW, if you’ve never made one of these bags because you’re intimidated by the felting process, check out the blog post I wrote yesterday. I took a lot of pictures. Something like this would have helped me a lot my first go-round.

Congrats!! They are GORGEOUS!!!

Those are both lovely!

I love both of your bags. :muah:

I have that bag in line to make up with leftover wool from other projects.

Beautiful bags and great blog post!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Awesome bags, Ms. Nathalie. Simply awesome!

very cool!
I love green…I just found my next project!!!
Thanks for posting.

beautiful. :heart: I have yarn to make one and I am sure the felting tips will be great to use.

Those bags sure came out nice. I really love the colors, particularly the second one.:cheering:

Come to think of it, you’ve inspired me! I’ve been needing a BIG OLE BAG for some projects…and what a perfect shape! The Booga Bag!

What I love about this bag…you can make it a dern big as you want! And you can felt some pockets separately and tack them into place later, either on the inside or the outside!

I’ve seen some neat Booga Bags made from Stash wool yarns, too!

Anyway, again, your bags are inspiring! :thumbsup: I used your pinks/purples Noro for one of my DGD’s a while back…but the other color, the yellows/greens/pinks…that is the color I love for myself!

Oh, you gals are TERRIFIC! What a joy to come to this site and find such wonderful compliments! That is one of the neatest things about this forum…the way we inspire each other.


ArtLady, I’ve always been partial to the yellow/green bag. It was my first, and I simply had to have what the picture on the pattern showed. I’m that way…wanting my projects to look like the modeled ones.

Glad I could help y’all out with my post. This is such a fast, fun, and easy knit that it’s terrific for gifts. As ArtLady said, it’s also very easy to make adjustments to.

Thanks again!!


i love making them… :yay: