FOs: Three Sheep Sweater; Rainbow Sweater and Hat


These have been sitting around for awhile, so today I got a bit of time to take pictures before all items show that they have been worn for sometime :slight_smile:

The secret to even stripes on both body and sleeves that I discovered – if you use two balls of yarn for the body and switch them every round, the stripes will turn out approximately as wide as the ones on the sleeve. If I would make this sweater again, I would start with the top instead – the raglan shaping was nightmarish and I had to redo it many (many!) times. The yarn is Bernat Mosaic, the colourway is probably Psychedelic. It was one of those discounted bags with lo lable but it looked so bright, I could’t pass on it. Oh, and I had to remove some purplish-pinkish parts that you could still see on the sleeves – they were too ‘off’ for an already busy look.

The sheep sweater has an almost finished written pattern but explailing something simple like a knitting a head (basically, elongated bobble) took half a page so I gave up :slight_smile:

The colour variation in sheep is due to lighting, it’s natural wool (Patons Classic Wool) and some grassy green for the background.

And remember newborn Purple Hats? We (and maybe even some of you) did knit 5500 hats! That’s enough to supply the hospital for 2013. If you were sending your purple newborn hats in – thank you!

These are beautiful! I love the sheep

Love your sheep sweater, and the striped sweater and hat are great. Just what a little girl would love. All are so beautifully done.

Everything is adorable! The sheep are so cute!

Olha, it’s so good to see you here again.

Those are so cute! Love them both!

Great to have you back. Both sweaters are wonderful and so well done. Yes, the careful detail on the sleeve stripes makes them look perfect and the sheep are adorable. Glad the hats went so well, too.

Your work is DIVINE! I always love to see what you’ve been up to! The photos are always a delight as well!